There’s a book called “Think And Grow Rich”, in which there’s a story about a young boy who was mining for gold for months and months. He got really disappointed that he never struck gold or found what he was looking for, so he stopped digging.

He then went off and sold the tools he was using for digging to someone else who resumed mining for gold in the exact same spot, and after digging for only three more feet, he struck gold.

Don't Give Up When You're Three Feet From The Gold | Uncustomary

I believe this is an urban myth of sorts, but regardless of whether it’s real or not, the lesson is definitely worthwhile.

So many people who aren’t successful are people who quit. They haven’t looked for creative solutions from all angles. They’ve blamed the world or other external sources for why they couldn’t be successful. They didn’t see an immediate return on investment, or what they thought they should have seen in comparison to another person’s journey, so they threw in the towel.

If you have a dream, the difference between your idea of success and the beginning or where you are now might literally just be to keep going. You might only be three feet away from striking gold.

It might seem like you don’t know how or when you’ll succeed, and everything is so unknown and uncertain, but what if I had a crystal ball and told you that you only need to dig for three more feet? How would that incentivize you to keep going, or get more creative?

Keep digging, babe. You’ll get there. I believe in you.

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Image Designed By: Joe Dissolvo