Aestheticians have invented several beauty treatments you can use in the comfort of your home to transform your looks. Beyond the exfoliating devices, why not try out a lash extension or a gel manicure? Or perhaps touch up your hair or perfect your tan. Below we give some budget-friendly DIY salon treatments.

Lash Extensions

The longevity and comfort of eyelash extensions depend on their correct application, ensuring the lashes stay in place. You can apply lash extensions at home in 10 minutes using Lilac St, which can last for a week. They are hand-made to give you a stunning look. You can say goodbye to strips and peelings with Lilac St., Ardell or Mac products.

When applying the lash extensions, the items you need are a branded lash extension, a bonding solution, sterilized fine tweezers, a disposable eyelash comb, a large round sponge, coated eyelash sealer, and eye gel pads. When you use these tools of eyelash application, the procedure becomes a pleasant experience and can last long.

Lash Lifting

Besides lash extensions, one popular salon treatment is lash lifting, which enhances the natural curl of your lashes without extensions. With the availability of specialized essentials, like kit for at home lash lifting, individuals can now enjoy the benefits of this procedure without the salon price tag. These kits typically include all the necessary components, such as lifting solutions and silicone pads, accompanied by detailed instructions to ensure a safe and effective application. Exploring such alternatives can be a budget-friendly way to maintain a polished appearance without compromising on quality.

Bronze Tan

If you are guilty of getting weekly tans or do not have time to rush off to a salon to get yourself tanned, you can use a spray tan that lasts for 3 hours. It is perfect for an evening out or a party night. Although self-tan lasts only 3 hours, it costs slightly less than a salon visit. You can also use it for your face to match your body tone.

When you use self-tanner, the DHA in the solution works with the dead skin cells and temporarily darkens them. This sun-touched glow tans the skin but is just momentary. That is why you need to apply it every three days or so. The entire bottle of self-tan spray will only cost around a single visit to the salon for a professional tan.

Body Wax

Avoid salon waxing services if regular trips to the salon become a luxury by investing in a body wax kit that is apt to use by yourself at home. The body wax works better than what you can expect from a professional salon. It is a budget-friendly way to eliminate unwanted hair in your arms, legs, underarms, and even eyebrows.

You may need to follow basic safety precautions by doing prep work to avoid slipups, infection, or injuries. Follow the instructions that come with the body wax kit. Apply a moisturizer after washing off to calm the irritated skin. Mix a few drops of essential soothing oil like tea tree oil to avoid skin infection and blisters.

Hair Perfector

The hair repair system is a three-step system, whereby licensed professionals usually do the first two steps at the salons. The third step, however, can be done at home using a hair perfector. This product is also suitable for colored hair to avoid damaged ends and restore the color. It replaces conditioning treatment at the salon.

Hair Perfector is not a conditioner but a treatment with a bond-building nourishing ingredient that strengthens the hair and reduces breakage, improving its look. This treatment can restore the texture and appearance of your hair by protecting hair structure and repairing the damage. It is a global best-selling hair treatment for home use.

Gel Polish Kit

You probably must be spending a lot of money yearly on manicures. Try a gel polish kit, which would only cost you a fraction of the salon visit. Moreover, a single unit can be equivalent to a few manicure visits. Try it out and enjoy the inquiries and compliments you receive.

The gel cleanser in the gel polish kit package needs replacement after every few uses. You can replace the gel cleanser with isopropyl alcohol. It leaves behind a glossy finish that remains intact for a couple of weeks. Thanks to the various branded gel polish kits readily available, you can now achieve a pretty salon-quality manicure.

Face Glowing Mask

A mask always does the trick to your face complexion if it looks dry and tired. It can rejuvenate the dewy look thanks to the water-attracting and moisture-holding ingredient known as hyaluronic acid. It is best to do a trial on a sheet face mask for about 30 minutes before trying it on to avoid side effects.

Apply a coat of mask lavishly to your face. Leave it for 20 minutes or have it on at night while sleeping. The perfect blend of thicker application and extended penetration can deliver smoother and firmer face skin. This procedure can be done at home alone without visiting the salon, and the results may surprise you.