There are no set rules to decide which smoking accessory is better than the other. The kind of accessories and tools you choose should be a matter of personal preference. Find out if you prefer wet smoke techniques or dry smoke techniques to narrow down your choices. Also, consider the types of substances you enjoy smoking. 

For instance, if you prefer essential oils over dry, ground cannabis, you will need accessories that suit this preference. Regardless of which accessory you choose, ensure you get it from a trusted website or store. Assess the quality of the glass or metal used to make glass accessories.

You don’t need many accessories or complex tools to enjoy a good cannabis roll. However, specific smoking accessories can enhance the whole experience considerably. The quality, size, and design of the smoking accessories will also affect your smoking experience as a whole. 

Rolling Machine

Rolling machines are some of the most essential accessories you can find. While this accessory is hardly necessary while smoking, it gives you the freedom and satisfaction of rolling your own joints. Many brands now sell pre-rolls that won’t need any additional rolling from your end. 

Rolling machines ensure consistency and allow you to roll joints as per your preferences. These machines are especially handy for beginners who are not experts with rolling their joints. 


Weed grinders are one of the best cannabis accessories and can enhance your smoking experience considerably. It is a canister-like accessory that is designed to allow even grinding of cannabis. It would be almost impossible to smoke well without a proper weed grinder. 

These accessories are especially beneficial for small bowls and one-hitters. You may end up ruining the flavors and textures of the cannabis by grinding it without a weed grinder. If you smoke cannabis without grinding it, you will most likely end up burning it unevenly.

Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are highly convenient. These trays will prevent cannabis crumbs from littering your floor and other corners of your house. 

Rolling trays are especially essential if you have pets or kids. They may end up ingesting the tiny bits and fall ill. Additionally, cannabis bits can also make your house and appliances look messy and ill-maintained.

High-Quality Lighter

Quality lighters are usually reusable and refillable. Additionally, some of these lighters are customizable and very stylish. A butane torch is the best option for smoking cannabis and other herbs. Get a high-quality torch to ensure even lighting.

Scent Reducers

Your entire house may end up smelling like cannabis after a session, and some family members may even be allergic to the smells. You can buy scent-reducing sprays to manage this problem. 

Scent reducing sprays can actually make your house smell light and refreshing again. These sprays can also be helpful if you plan to carry your herbs with you on a trip. They can mask the smell of cannabis well.

Glass Cleaning Gel

If you own a pipe or other glass accessories, you must get a glass cleaning gel to clean your accessories. Before you invest in a glass cleaning gel, check if the liquid is non-toxic. The gel should offer powerful cleaning capabilities and ensure that all toxic elements are removed from your accessory.

Ash Catchers

Ash catchers offer excellent filtration and can make the whole smoking process much safer. These catchers ensure that the resin and ash do not make your equipment dirty or block the free flow of smoke.

Every smoker needs a good set of smoking accessories to make their smoking experience as fun, safe, and memorable as possible. Whether you’re buying them for yourself or for a friend or family member, make sure to buy high-quality accessories from a reliable online store.