You may remember when Diego and I celebrated Party With Your Bear Day. It was a good time that got a little wild, and we’ve had some fun since then, too. The thing is, Diego can’t be contained. He made great friends with Bug, but he’s made it clear that the confines of my studio were just too limiting for him.

I compromised with him and we decided he would stay with me till Spring. So, on the solstice, I put him in one of my tutus and took him out for ice cream with Charlotte and her dog, Indy. From there, we headed to a park that I’ve flown many kites at. He had never been on a swing before, so I left him there after a few pushes.

on the way there

I wish him a lot of beautiful adventures in his future. I hope that next year he is still able to celebrate Party With Your Bear Day, but perhaps, somewhere in the Caribbean.

If you love something, set it free.