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Cats are human’s number one pet. They are meek, humble and will always make a great companion. They may not have the aggression or the masculinity of dogs, and you can also not rely on them for protection at night or to alert you to the presence of intruders in your home, but they are very adorable pets you will love to touch or simply enjoy their company at home, whether you have other people in the house or if you are just home alone. If you are thinking of having cats as pets and you want the very cute ones, then here is a look at some of the top breeds considered as the cutest of all the cat breeds in the entire world. Check out this cat breed infographic.

Exotic Persian

Cutest Cat Breeds In The World | Uncustomary

The first cat breed that makes it to our list of cute baby animals in the cat category is the exotic Persian cat. There is no denying that they are some of the cutest breeds you will ever come across. They have a somewhat as squished face, which perpetually looks disappointed and grumpy. However, this should not let you think that this cat breed is the sad type that will never be pleased with anything you do to them. If you are planning on taking on this cat, however, you should be advised that they are high maintenance and as usual, they believe that you will adequately take very good care of them, though this can be a bit costly if you don’t have the budget to support all the pets and the treats.

Scottish Fold

If you prefer having small cat breeds, then you have every reason to check out the Scottish Fold. They are adorable and unique in a sense, with a characteristic ear that folds towards the front. Their appearance is that of a little sadness and this is one of the reasons why people love them so much in an attempt to make them happier. When you see them for the very first time, you may think that they are begging you for something due to the position of their little cute ears which tend to fall forward.

Himalayan Cat

Cutest Cat Breeds In The World | Uncustomary

This Himalayan breed is not your ordinary cat and deserves every right to be on any list of cute animals. One characteristic feature you will find in all cats is that their eyes appear to be glowing, but only at night. However, with this breed, the eyes are blue even at daytime, and this, when added to the tiny little round face they have, they are one of the most adorable animals in the world. With their fluffiness, every cat lover will agree that they deserve the very best and when you treat them well, you are guaranteed of having a very dear companion in them.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair breed is fat and sassy, but this is not what gives them a place in the list of cute animals in the cat category. Their chubbiness only adds to other cute elements they already possess such as a nice tiny face, short, smooth and silky fur and they are also extremely friendly. For students who keep pets in British colleges, chances are that eight out of ten will have this cat breed in their hostels.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon may appear rough, tough and agile, but a closer look at them will make you see past the aggression and the real cuteness they possess. They can be big, sometimes bigger than most of the small dog breeds and this is another reason why so many people find the adorable. Its aggression also makes them a wonderful pet at home, since when this is coupled with their size, you will not have to worry about being bothered by rodents at home.


This breed is slightly different from the Exotic Persian, though they share the same characteristic of both being very beautiful. With the Persian, they tend to have a less squished face, though their faces are slightly bigger. As noted by FriendlyClaws, their larger head compels them to eat most of their foods out of the plate as the face will not usually fit if the food is served on small plates or bowls. They are also high maintenance, and though they are very cute, meek and humble, it is a breed you may want to stay away from if you don’t have the resources for spending on them.


Munchkin is tiny little cat breeds and very ideal for those who desire pure cuteness but in small breeds. They have very short and stubby legs and this makes them have a very funny and awkward walking style. They are humble, meek and very obedient. Watching them sleep may mean pure heaven for most cat lovers.


Cutest Cat Breeds In The World | Uncustomary

Siberian cats and dogs just tend to be generally awesome. In the dog category, the Siberia Husky will never fail to feature every time cute animals are mentioned. And now in the cat category, we now have the Siberian breed which is a relatively smaller animal, but with pure beauty. It has a lot of long furs, very bright eyes, and most of them are white or cloudy making them look so adorable. With a good brushing, the fur will remain shiny for very many houses.

British Longhair

Just as we had British Shorthair making it to the list, we now have British Longhair also making it to the list. Unlike the British Shorthair which was slightly bigger and chubby, the Shorthair is exactly the opposite – small and slightly skinny but with very long hair which gives them be the beautiful look.


Cutest Cat Breeds In The World | Uncustomary

Ragdoll cats are a bit fluffy and they look like the Siamese breeds. But one thing you can’t argue about them is that they are very cute, unlike the Siamese cats which happen to fall into the category of the ugliest cats in the world. However, if you want a huge, fluffy cat with beautiful eyes, cute face and super silky fur, then you have every reason to check out the ragdoll cat. It is a magnificent animal to stare at and just have them stare back at you.