Don’t we all just love having those bouncy, flawless and beautiful curls? Yes, we do! Some people are born with naturally curly hair whereas; others (like me) have dead straight hair that is so silky that no matter we do or how many times we try to curl our hair at home, they end up forming loose beachy waves instead of perfect curly locks.

There have been so many times when I was getting ready for an event, all excited and motivated to curl my hair but by the end, I would start curling the other side of my head, my previous curls would just open.

This is one of the most devastating moments when you are getting ready. I tried so many tricks, applied a bunch of gel on my hair, but nothing worked. However, one day I stumbled upon a few blog articles that had mentioned a few tips to make your curls last longer. Some of those tips worked for me while the others did not.

I have listed down some of the tips that actually worked for me and now I can curl my hair in just 10 minutes (my hair reaches my back).

If you are also one of those people who have dead straight hair and want to get perfect, bouncy, flawless curly locks that last the whole day then keep on reading! Even if you have curly or wavy hair, these tips will help you in curling your hair at home.

Curling Hair At Home: 7 Things You Need To Know | Uncustomary

1. Invest Your Money in a Good Curling Iron

If you think that your hair is too silky or too straight for your curls to last longer than even an hour, then you, my friend, are totally and completely wrong about this.

You just need to buy a better curling iron than your good for nothing curling tool that made you think that you can’t have flawless and long-lasting bouncy curls.

Instead of using a local and cheap curling tool, you really need to put your money to some use and buy a high-quality curling tool to make sure that you get bouncy curls that make everyone go in awe just by looking at them.

If you’re looking for a new curling iron then you should also check out this review as it will let you know about some of the best hair curlers and curling irons.

2. Let Your Curls Cool Down; Stop Touching Them!

Yes, I know it is almost impossible to not play with them curly locks but if you keep doing that then there is no way that they are going to last for more than a few minutes. One of the most effective ways to make sure that your curls last longer is to not let them go until they have completely cooled down. Hold them in your hand tightly or pin them up until they cool down.

3. Wash Your Hair A Night Before

One mistake that we all do is curling our hair the same day that we wash them. If you curl your hair the same day you wash them, the curls won’t set at all no matter how much amount of gel or other hair styling products you apply to your hair.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to wash your hair a night before you decide to curl your hair so that the curls set properly and last longer.

4. Heat Protectant; Oh Yes!

Never forget to apply an ample amount of heat protectant before you start curling your hair. Not only does it protect your hair from getting damaged due to the heat but there are many heat protectant serums that make the texture of your hair smooth and also help the hair to set properly.

Curling Hair At Home: 7 Things You Need To Know | Uncustomary

5. Hairspray to Lock Your Curls

This trick never gets old. If you want your curls to set properly and stay in shape for a long period of time then make sure that you spray a good quality hairspray on your curls. Don’t just spray it at the end but always spray it after you curl each strand to ensure better results. Hairspray makes the texture of your hair rough which helps the curls to stay longer.

6. Prep Your Hair with Some Mousse

Just like you prep your skin with moisturizer and primer before putting makeup on your face, you need to prep your hair before curling it too! Apply a little amount of mousse to your hair before putting the curling wand anywhere near your hair.

7. Get Rid Of All the Tangles

Before you even think about curling your hair, get up and brush your hair properly to get rid of all the tangles. There is no way that you will get a good curl if your hair is all tangled and messed up. Make sure that your hair is smooth and properly brushed.

Curling Hair At Home: 7 Things You Need To Know | Uncustomary

After following these tips I am a hundred percent sure that you will be able to get perfect curls that will last for a whole day and you will definitely receive lots of compliments just like I did. Make sure to click some good shots of your curly locks!