Creating A Healthy Workplace For Employees | Uncustomary

The #1 cause for quality employees quitting is an unhealthy work environment, especially when they have to deal with a filthy office, and bad management on top of their heavy workload. 

It’s 2021, and some companies still don’t understand how to create a safe and healthy working environment for their employees. If you’re a business owner, or a manager, get to know simple ways you can create a good workplace environment, which keeps your employees happy and your business looking professional.

Creating A Healthy Workplace For Employees | Uncustomary

Prioritize Mental Health

This is something that we need to remind ourselves over and over again. We need to prioritize our mental health, and the mental health of our employees, as much as we do our physical health. Allow employees to go for mental health breaks, and be sensitive to what they may be experiencing. Provide your employees a thoroughly clean break room. You can also offer support and outreach for employees who are struggling. Offering resources and suggested professionals who can help them with mental health struggles and Suicide Prevention strategies can help you go above and beyond for employees.

Diversify the Workplace

Employing a diverse workforce opens us up to new relationships and the understanding of others’ cultures and backgrounds. Diversifying the workplace does not end during employment, but also maintaining a healthy workplace means to ensure cultural sensitivity around the office, and not tolerating even the smallest of incidents. Afterall, everyone deserves respect.

Communication is Key

Poor communications can lead to misunderstandings that can have dire consequences, especially when the miscommunication happens from top down. As the business owner or manager, you should understand the importance of communication, and how creating effective communication channels helps keep everyone on the same page. 

Implementing standards as simple as organizing files properly, or managing separate threads for different topics, can greatly reduce miscommunication issues around the office. 

Creating A Healthy Workplace For Employees | Uncustomary

Maintain Cleanliness

Maintaining cleanliness around the office is an important aspect of keeping a healthy work environment, as office cleanliness can present the state of your business and its employees. A business that can’t handle its cleanliness doesn’t look very professional, and your employees could suffer from illnesses brought about by the dirty environment.

There are a lot of professional office cleaning services that do amazing jobs in keeping your office clean, while you and your employees focus on your work. Hiring a cleaning company as well as a rubbish removal company is a convenient way to keep your workplace spotless when you’ve already got a lot on your plate.

Organize Your Space and Organize Your Thoughts

Remember what I mentioned above about prioritizing mental health? Well, organizing your space is actually a great way to clear your mind of any cluttered thoughts. We tend to adapt to our environments, so we can get frazzled when the workplace around us is just as cluttered. Besides cleaning, organizing makes your office a professional environment.

Purify the Air for Better Circulation

Allergies, sneezing, and coughing around the office can be distracting. Not to mention, sick individuals can spread illnesses within the workplace. A great solution would be to purify the air for better circulation, and to remove any dust particles that may be causing allergies. 

An air purifying device traps dust particles in its filter, and provides you with clean, fresh air that you can breathe in safely. The air conditioning unit has a filter too, that should be cleaned every now and then to maintain good air quality. Walls, floors, and flat surfaces should be cleaned as well to prevent dust from settling, and spreading around the air.

Provide Ample Resources

Provide your employees with ample resources to which they can do their jobs, and grow in their careers. Supplies should be stocked up. Shared spaces, like the break room, and bathrooms, should be kept in clean, working order. Hire a separate cleaning crew from a trusted cleaning company so employees can focus on their work instead of attempting to clean their workspaces. For professional and efficient service, consider commercial cleaners in Sydney.

Above all, provide your employees with one of the most valuable resources: mentorship. As the business owner or manager, your employees look up to you for leadership, and it is important to hear out their concerns and to lead them to business growth.