Do you hear about all these great things people do and wish you had time for them, but feel like it’s just never going to be possible? Do you wish you could work on your personal development, especially when it comes to making time for yourself and expressing yourself, but you never seem to be able to follow through in a consistent way? Maybe you’re able to do it a couple days in a row but then after a while you’re right back where you were? Frustrated, wishing things were magically different?

Habits aren’t magically dug into place; they do take dedication, time, and energy. The good news is they definitely aren’t as hard we’ve decided to make them all our lives! There’s so many ways for you to institute a daily routine in your life that will begin to foster positivity, health, self-care, creativity, and overall happiness and we want to show you how to make that happen.

How To Create Happy Habits (Live Webinar!) | Uncustomary

Mariëlle and I are so excited to announce we are joining forces to bring you a free webinar training this Saturday on turning self-love and creativity into daily routines. After all, in order to allow something to truly affect your life, you have to practice it regularly! So let us help you figure out the best ways to make sure self-love and creativity are parts of your daily life.

Join us on Saturday (1 PM EST / 5 PM GMT) for a 100% FREE webinar with the creative and colorful voices behind Magical Daydream and Uncustomary.

We’ll be going over:

  • What habits are and how to create them
  • What self-care is, how it relates to self-love and its importance
  • The different types of creative behavior
  • Examples of both self-love and creative habits
  • Plus a live Q&A session to answer any specific questions you have for either of us!

Plus, we’ll be giving you a free worksheet for you to fill out to follow along, organize your thoughts, and really get to work on creating habits!

Please make sure you reserve your spot on the official registration page. That’s the only way you’ll get the information for the live page and the download for the worksheet.

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We’re so excited to offer you this free information, and can’t wait to see you Saturday!