Computer Vision Syndrome | Uncustomary

Building a business truly isn’t easy. I love the internet and I love meeting all of you beautiful babes where we can share our stories and struggles and celebrate each other. The thing is that the past year has involved so much work at the computer instead of outside/in “real” life it’s kind of got me down. I miss exploring as much as I used to, working outside, and just taking time to create. I spend an extraordinary amount of time doing admin work at my computer and it’s finally started to take its toll physically instead of just mentally.

For the past week every time I look at a computer or phone screen I get dizzy and seasick feeling. I get headaches and nausea that lasts hours past the time I stopped looking at the screen. It’s affecting everything and I’m tired of feeling sick.

Apparently it’s a really common thing called Computer Vision Syndrome that happens to people who spend more than three hours a day on the computer. And let me tell you I definitely qualify for that. If you want to know more, check out this link on Photophobia and Light Sensitivity.

The next week I’m going to take it really easy on screens. I’m hoping taking a break will make it easier for me to come back to my work.

What sucks is my job is essentially online and when I don’t show up I’m basically losing money because I can’t get my shift covered. I’m going to make at least an hour and a half every day to check things so if you send me something super important I will try to reply to you and manage my inbox/internet life as much as possible. The good news is I do have a VA, so I can ask her to help me with some stuff like consistently posting on Twitter, etc. If you need immediate support or want to vent, go to Uncustomary Babes because the community there is pretty fantastic.

In the mean time, if you feel like helping me out by buying a class, my book, or booking a Happy Hour with me — that would really help me out in terms of the lack of work I’ll be able to do this week. And I hope to see you at my and Ebonie’s webinar on Saturday!

Thank you for understanding, I love you.