Last week at WalMart I picked up a small bottle of colored bubbles. I chose pink out of the options and Wednesday evening I finally tried them out.

They clearly state that they are ‘outdoor’ and I would like to second that. If it gets on your clothes it will probably stain it. I haven’t tried to wash the shirt I got some on so I’m not sure if it will come out but I’m thinking it should be fine. It globs on your hand and just kind of rolls off, so no worries if it’s on your skin!

I had fun blowing the bubbles around in my front yard and street.

I had trouble seeing the pink in the bubbles which was supposed to be the point, but I guess anything that’s translucent by nature will be mostly clear. I’m not upset, though! I just like bubbles. I did, however, decide to blow some directly onto my brother’s white truck for color comparison.

The liquid is pretty thick in general, but it’s definitely pretty.

Bubbles everywhere!

I love them.

When’s the last time you blew bubbles? Have you tried the color kind?