So Valentine’s Day is coming up and as I mentioned in my previous post I think it’s important to celebrate all types of love. One of the people who I have loved the most in my life is my grandma, Nannie. Today marks 6 months since she’s been gone and I miss her greatly. I didn’t think I’d be able to get to the point where I can talk about her without crying but thankfully I’m becoming stronger in that area.

So today I want to celebrate the wonderful things about Nannie:
 + she was incredibly kind, she made a point to be nice to everyone she came in contact with, and she also told me that if I ever thought of a word I could use instead of ‘nice’ that I should.

+ she gave generously and without thought to anyone she felt like

+ she created relationships with people who most of us ignore (gas station attendants, postmen, cashiers at fast food restaurants)

+ she had a good chunk of stories that she told with the same enthusiasm and details every single time

+ she was never bothered by her age or people asking her how old she was

+ she loved purple SO much. everything she did (if she had an option) involved purple. and one of the best things about this was that in the 30s when she grew up there weren’t a lot of purple options for things but she stuck with it and eventually had a house with a purple mailbox, carpet, and chairs.

+ she encouraged my creativity (and imagination) at a very young age. whenever I was over at her house we would pick a new project from a craft book and create it [as pictured with my princess hat and wand]

+ she was supportive of whatever I chose even if it wasn’t what she would have chose for herself

+ she took pride in handmade and simple things like curtains, upholstery, typewriters, ribbons and bows, wrapping paper, organizing pictures, keeping (and meeting) pen-pals from overseas [I guess we know where I get it from], daily phone calls with her sisters, purple felt tipped pens, crosswords, and baseball games.

+ she is the person I want to grow up to be