Last week at work we had a ceremony for our volunteers in honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 15-21). It was really cute. They had a “fortunate to have you” theme complete with fortune cookies, gift bags, certificates, and confetti.


gift bags, certificates
table arrangements

Another important part of this event was the two pups that  work out at the houses with the members! Max and Daisy.

We have volunteers that do all sorts of things in our agency but I was thinking about volunteering in general and there’s a lot of ways that everyone volunteers all the time. I guess, really, we’re volunteering whenever we do something for someone and we’re not getting paid for it. Or is it not volunteering if you’re compensated in another way? Thoughts?

I started at my job as an intern and when I took a four month break I still volunteered to assist with parties, etc. I’ve also volunteered with the library and their summer reading program. Where have you volunteered?