Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you celebrating today? I hope you are in some fashion. For a long time I didn’t celebrate this holiday. It didn’t make sense how much pressure was placed on romantic love on one day. It seemed like it was setting people up for disappointment. And it wasn’t a bitter I’m-single thing, either. (It’s surprising how many guys love if you don’t celebrate this holiday.)
When I started dating Matt, I started celebrating Valentine’s Day. But, I also celebrate all types of love on this day. It’s not just about romantic relationships. I remind everyone to celebrate friendships, family, pets, hobbies/interests, nature, whatever. If you love it, do it today.
I hope that everyone has received their valentine cards from me at this point. I used primarily DuckTales and Chip & Dale cartoon cards. I’ve received some fun cards too. 🙂
Anyway, I wanted to share the three yarnbombs that I did in honor of love. The first two are the same, and they are down the street from each other in Federal Hill. I also did a parking meter, but because the sun was setting directly in the alley it was difficult to photograph. Hopefully you get the idea. I hope people smile when they see the hearts.


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Have a great day!