I’ve always loved the concept of Random Acts of Kindness. It’s partially why I love mail so much and blog’s like Secret Agent L. I love when people restore my faith in our universe by holding doors open for people and donating to charities. There’s really so many things you can do as an act of kindness and what’s great is when you read through a list of ‘suggestions’ and you realize that you already do so many of them on a regular basis!

Random Acts of Kindness week is from February 13-19 and in honor of that I put together some packs of hygienic products and non-perishable food into some beanie hats that I will pass out among homeless people who I pass in Baltimore.

contents: hats, band-aids, deodorant, bar of soap,

toothpaste, toothbrush, breakfast bars, cookies

About three or four years ago I did something very similar, and I decided to bring back the idea in honor of this week. I haven’t started to pass them out yet, but I will do so in the upcoming week(s).

loaded up!

Also, to start the week off I brought in some tulips, cupcakes, and valentines for my office. They went over very well. 🙂

Did you do anything to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week?
What is your favorite story about a Random Acts of Kindness?