I know we’re all caught up on the new year arriving, but it’s also a new month! So let’s celebrate January for what it is, shall we?

Before I move on to the wonderful things to expect in January, I would like to share my top ten things from December. Make sure you tell me yours if you haven’t yet!
January is:

Celebration Of Life Month
Get Organized Month
California Dried Plum Digestive Month
Creativity Month
Polka Music Month
Mail Order Gardening Month
Oatmeal Month
Self-Love Month
Be Kind To Food Servers Month

Days to look forward to this month:

2 – Motivation & Inspiration Day
11 – Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day
14 – Dress Up Your Pet Day
16 – Appreciate A Dragon Day
20 – Penguin Awareness Day
22 – Celebrate Your Life Day
24- Compliment Day
25 – Fun At Work Day
28 – Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
30 – Inane Answering Machine Day
31 – Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

What are you looking forward to this month??