Wooohoo! It’s the new year! 2014! You’ve got this! Claim this year to be your own. Before we move on to January, make sure you take a moment to reflect on December! What were your Top Ten Things about last month? I’d love to hear them. Here are mine.

January is:

Celebration Of Life Month
Get Organized Month
Brain Teaser Month
Be On Purpose Month
Skating Month
Oatmeal Month
Self Love Month
Rising Star Month

Things To Look Forward To:

1 – New Year’s Day
2 – Mew Year’s For Cats Day
4 – Pop Music Chart Day
7 – Tempura Day
9 – Static Electricity Day
11 – Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day
13 – Rubber Duckie Day
14 – Organize Your Home Day
19 – Popcorn Day
20 – Penguin Awareness Day
24 – Belly Laugh Day
27 – Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
29 – Seeing Eye Dog Day
31 – Chinese New Year

Suggestions For January:

+ Make a garland
+ Eat a pupusa
+ Shoot film with an instant camera
+ Make a paper fan
+ Learn a yo-yo trick
+ Take a bubble bath
+ Stomp on some bubble wrap
+ Complete a Mad Lib
+ Rub a balloon on your head
+ Clean out your desk

What are you looking forward to this month?