Hey there! Happy August! Have you taken a second to reflect on July? I would love to hear what your top ten things about last month were. Here are mine:

Top Ten Things About July 2014 | Uncustomary Art

Okay! Now that that’s done, let’s move on to celebrate August!

August is:

American Adventures Month
Happiness Happens Month
Goat Cheese Month
Traffic Awareness Month
What Will Be Your Legacy Month

Things to look forward to:

1 – World Wide Web Day
1 – Beer Day
2 – Take A Penny/Leave A Penny Day
3 – Watermelon Day
5 – Underwear Day
6 – Root Beer Float Day
8 – Worldwide Art Day
9 – Garage Sale Day
10 – S’mores Day
12 – Vinyl Record Day
13 – Left Hander’s Day
15 – Relaxation Day
17 – Meaning Of “Is” Day
18 – Cupcake Day
19 – Aviation Day
20 – Stuffed Animal Sleepover
22 – Hug Your Boss Day
25 – Second-hand Wardrobe Day
29 – Individual Rights Day
30 – Bacon Day
31 – Pony Express Day

Activity ideas:

+ Decorate cupcakes
+ Go to a park where you can watch planes land
+ Make crafts out of old records
+ Try to do daily tasks with your non-dominant hand
+ Send me your stuffed animal for the time of their life
+ Have a thrift store duel for the craziest outfit
+ Have a garage sale
+ Try a new beer
+ Write your boss a thank you note
+ Wrap bacon around everything you eat for a whole day
+ Sign up for flight lessons

What are you looking forward to this month?