Happy April, everyone. Please be sure to send me your top ten things lists! I could really use some happy literature. 🙂 Here is my top ten for March:
April is:

Grilled Cheese Month
Keep America Beautiful Month
Decorating Month
Card And Letter Writing Month
Garden Month
Kite Month
Poetry Month
Straw Hat Month
Frog Month
Things to look forward to in April:

1 – Fun Day
6 – Pillow Fight Day
8 – Trading Cards For Grown Ups Day
12 – Walk On Your Wild Side Day
13 – Scrabble Day
14 – Moment Of Laughter Day
16 – Library Day
16 – One Day Without Shoes
18 – Poem In Your Pocket Day
22 – Earth Day
22 – Jelly Bean Day
27 – Sense Of Smell Day
29 – Dance Day
What are you looking forward to this month?