Cardio drumming has become a trend in the US. This activity can easily compete with Zumba and kickboxing for the title of everyone’s new favorite exercise. While the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases rolls out the terrifying statistics of more than one-third of Americans being obese, cardio drumming at home is your lifesaver. If you are sick and tired of a boring standard routine in the gym and ready to give up, you can try being a good drummer and stay fit at once. The best way to avoid any regrets is to do what you like. If drumming is your passion, turn it into a way to stay fit.

Cardio Drumming Routine

Many people are doubtful about cardio drumming mainly because they connect this activity with the professional musicianship. This activity has nothing to do with it, but it may eventually help you to improve your skills as a drummer. Still, you don’t need to have any knowledge in this area.

There is no standard drum kit as you know it. However, you still need drumsticks. For a drummer this is a great opportunity to gain some muscles in arms and make them stronger for future performances. For non-drummers, this is just a great exercise set.

Your steps:

  • Take a big rubber ball. The same gyms offer for their clients and place it either on the trash can base or just in front of you;
  • Take drumsticks;
  • Make sure that the ball is near your waist, not lower or higher;
  • Turn the music on. It must contain drums;
  • Start to hit the ball with drumsticks to keep up with the melody you hear;
  • You will bend over the ball. Don’t forget to keep the back as straight as possible so the core can engage in the activity;
  • Spend at least 30 minutes drumming the ball. The best results can be achieved after an hour of workout.

And that’s it with the rules. You don’t even have to use drumsticks if you don’t have them. Just use the sticks you found or anything that is not too heavy and can hit the ball. The main goal is to have fun while exercising. After some time, you will master new skills and will need intense music or will be able to add some moves to the drumming.

Pay attention! The faster your moves and the harder your drumming are, the more intense your cardio is. You may want to extend your playlist with slow and fast songs. During slow songs, you give your heart a chance to restore its beat, and during intense songs you burn calories. No matter which tempo you pick, you still build muscles by constantly moving your hands. Keep paying attention to your breath, try not to feel out of it. It is ok to feel pain in the arm muscles since you are using them the most.

Benefits You Receive

Cardio drumming may not be the most active exercise on your list. It does not build muscles in your entire body. And it may not work for people who used to perform intense cardio. However, it raises the heart rate and burns calories during the time you exercise. It improves your posture and makes you a better drummer. Besides, it builds the arms muscles. If you want to have a fit core and muscled legs you may need to combine cardio drumming with pushups, jumping, and squats. This is not hard to do with proper songs.

In case you are not sure how to start, you can watch a video tutorial on YouTube or sign up for the classes. They can be either online or offline. Trainers will help you to choose the right set of moves, including dancing and physical exercises. The cardio drumming usually trains:

  • Core;
  • Arms;
  • Heart.

If you want to train your legs and thighs, try standing in a half squat position. Your inner thighs will really appreciate that. Besides, you increase the tension on your legs. Although drumming on the ball can be really exciting, try not to forget moving your legs. Even traditional drumming can burn up to 250 calories per hour. If you add more versatile moves, you will burn even more.

For advanced cardio exercise, you need to burn at least 400 calories per hour. Yet, fitness trainers assure you that you may easily burn up to 900 calories during a workout with the right exercises. If you are completely new to any physical training you may start with slow songs and burn up to 250 calories per session. Those who love energetic rock songs and aggressive metal will be able to burn 600 calories only by drumming without other exercises. If you add other moves you will burn more. However, you still have to check your heart rate and slow down when your heart is trying to jump out of your chest.

As for the drummers, cardio drumming is something they have to try in order to become better musicians. It helps to learn and understand rhythms. Those actions when you mimic the song on the ball with drumsticks in your hands master your drumming skills, strengthening your hands.

To sum up, drumming offers you the next benefits:

  • You learn how to concentrate and master your thinking skills. Your brain has to work actively so you can concentrate your moves and coordinate them with the music you hear. Both brain hemispheres are active;
  • You become happier. With the activity you like, you can enjoy the whole process. You get the feeling that you achieve the results you wanted. Cardio releases endorphins, the hormones of happiness;
  • Your coordination became better. You learn how to synchronize your moves with the music. After some time, you will be able to make precise strokes tight in time;
  • You become more relaxed. It works like some kind of meditation when you concentrate only on the current task in front of you. You don’t think about daily worries anymore.

Cardio Drumming for Everyone

No matter whether you are a drummer or just want to try drumming, this activity helps everyone. You receive the chance to lose extra weight by doing what you like. Don’t hesitate to try cardio drumming at home. It is not expensive, and you can do it anytime.