Penis Envy Mushrooms are popular potent plants that are known to man as an effective means to achieve spicy visual effects. The mushroom helps to relax, immerses the human body in a state of complete euphoria. No other mushroom has such a cool and interesting effect as this one. The mushroom grows in the Amazon rainforest — we can say that its homeland is there. Once it was brought from there to the USA and scientists decided to explore it. That is why today, this mushroom is known to people as a great option for relaxation. You can even buy psychedelics online to experience these unique effects. 

What is Penis Envy

The mushroom contains a large percentage of psilocin (psilocybin). That is why the effectiveness of the mushroom is so high. In appearance, the Canadian mushroom is quite thick; it has a dense stem and a cap of a pale shade. The cap of the mushroom appears to be a little underdeveloped, but it’s okay! The hardest thing about the Penis is that it is very difficult to grow it yourself. Almost no one has been able to grow a mushroom of great length at home. Since the Penis is rare, it becomes even more, a desirable product for lovers of euphoria.

Why is it so desired?

Of course, the most important thing is the effectiveness after application. You don’t even need to eat a whole mushroom to achieve the desired result. Pharmacies in the United States almost always run out of goods with mushrooms, they are sold out too quickly. What is so special about it?

  1. The pleasant effect of the buzz begins to appear after 30-60 minutes.
  2. Just 2.5 grams for one time will be enough for the body to rebuild and go on a pleasant journey.
  3. The feelings caused after taking the mushroom cannot be compared with anything else: it is euphoria, mixed with the desire to look at one point and constantly smile; this is a complete abstraction from daily problems.
  4. One dose is enough for a full 4 hours. Those who take the mushroom for the first time may not let go for 5-6 hours.

As a rule, the Canadian mushroom is recommended for use by those who use it not for the first time. Beginners should take either a smaller dose or first observe those who take the plant inside again. Sometimes, so that there are no questions for regular customers, these words are written on the label of the plant as a small encryption “shrooms Canada.

Why is encryption needed? The fact is that the mushroom still has a number of hallucinogenic properties. They are classified as psychedelic substances that can be put on a par with LSD and MDMA. The internal and psilocybin contained is very strong, even if it is taken orally just a little bit. The substance programs the brain in such a way that mixed emotions and feelings begin to rage in the body. The man simultaneously feels incredibly high and sees something that is not really there. For example, they’re patterns that move and floating walls. The dosage should be as accurate as possible due to the effect after taking the drug.