Can You Use Your MMJ Card On Vacation | Uncustomary

In the present world, medical marijuana is being widely used in relieving symptoms of various health disorders, ranging from multiple sclerosis and diabetes to seizures, depression, anxiety, and many more. Given that it has helped many people in fighting their health battles, it is natural that MMJ card owners would want to carry along this plant medicine, even while they are on vacation.

Now, we are well aware that marijuana is not a conventional over-the-counter drug. So are there any legal regulations when it comes to procuring marijuana with an MMJ card while on vacation?

Yes, there are certain rules for using medicinal cannabis and MMJ card in case of inter-state travel. 

What are the rules for using medicinal marijuana during inter-state travel?

  • As of now, medical marijuana is legal in more than thirty states in the USA, but the remaining states are off that list. The cannabis regulations are very strict, so before traveling to any such state where cannabis is still illegal, you must check the rules and regulations meticulously. 
  • The concept of medical marijuana reciprocity allows you to buy medical marijuana in another state by using a valid MMJ card (procured in your state). However, it will again depend on the states that follow this concept of reciprocity. Always research the laws in the state you are visiting before your trip. 
  • Always keep your legal documents of your state that empower you to use medical marijuana handy. Also, it’s a good practice to carry the relevant medical documents that will show you take medical marijuana for legitimate, medical reasons..  
  • It is mandatory for you to know that carrying marijuana or marijuana products across state lines is illegal. Always to go through the legal norms before traveling to such states and check with the regulatory bodies for accurate information. There are many MMJ patients who have med cards from several states. In any case, to be on the safe side, carefully read all the laws and conditions to avoid ending up high and dry in this regard.  

Now, once you are aware of the rules, getting an MMJ card can be quite advantageous. If you want to know how to get a medical cannabis card in California, then below are the steps you need to follow –

  • You have to consult a certified cannabis physician and seek his or her recommendation to use medical marijuana. You can get the help of a reliable telehealth platform to connect with an experienced doctor. 
  • The doctor will assess your condition, and if you get approved, you can move on to apply for a mmj card. 
  • For people living in California, filling out the application form for registration is a must. The regulatory bodies will scrutinize your application, and if approved, you will get your valid MMJ card. 
  • Upon receiving the MMJ card, you will have legal access to the marijuana dispensaries in your state. And yes, you might go on a cannabis shopping spree too. However, do expect some limitations that allow you to buy a fixed amount at a time, not more than that.  

To enjoy your trip peacefully, do not forget to research all the cannabis laws and regulations well beforehand.