Modern life is busy. Between commuting to work, looking after the kids, cooking, cleaning and getting in time for exercise, it seems almost impossible to find time to relax and reflect on our lives. Part of the challenge is beginning to establish a pattern of self-care and committing to it on a regular basis. This is absolutely essential to promote positive mental health and physiological well-being.

Naturally, when we think of self-care, we tend to picture an image of massages and hot baths. Whilst having a good long soak in the tub is a perfectly fine way to relax, many people are beginning to think more creatively about the tips and tricks they use to keep their mental well-being in check. Tarot reading is a prime example. This classic divination practice might seem a bit out there at first, but it often proves a useful tool to reinvigorate our mind, body, and soul. With that in mind, here are three ways that Tarot could make a big difference in your life.

Focus your attention with a daily draw

Can Tarot Readings Help With Our Self-Care? | Uncustomary
One of the simplest approaches to Tarot is to pull a daily card from the pack. When our mind is overflowing with information, stress, and pressure, this card can help us re-focus and concentrate on an important aspect of our lives. Drawing the card in the morning gives us a chance to reflect on how we should act during the day, or even something to look out for. It’s a useful way to better understand the choices we’re faced with and to be more mindful of every decision we make.

Find a Spiritual Guide that matches your needs

If you’re a little bit unsure of how best to read Tarot or the ways in which it could impact your well-being, you could always seek out an experienced Reader. These people have usually devoted much of their lives to developing their connection with the spiritual world and, as such, can offer accurate readings and guidance on any particular problems or challenges you’re currently facing. Sites like TheCircle are a good starting point if you’re on the lookout for Spiritual Guides that are available to conduct Tarot readings via a phone call or online.

Use Tarot as part of your meditation

Can Tarot Readings Help With Our Self-Care? | Uncustomary
Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool to integrate into your daily routine; yet many people feel like they’ve been struggling to develop the habit, or that they’re somehow not cut out for it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it’s often the case that people just haven’t found the right meditative technique that works for them as an individual.

Tarot can be used to aid meditation practice in many ways. You might try drawing a set of cards at random and trying to focus your thoughts on the meaning you find within each one. It’s amazing how quickly our mind can be freed to wander around each specific idea and reflect on every connection we make.

Next time you’re trying to de-stress or form a plan to take better care of yourself, remember that it doesn’t hurt to try out a new technique like Tarot reading. It might even make all the difference in your daily routine.