Since Michelle and I both offer subscription services, we decided to do a trade in October. I sent her Monthly Marvels and she sent me a Busy Weekends Creative Kit. I was really impressed by how thorough she was and the potential that my package held.

Each month, the kits have a theme. October’s was “Flashlight City“. It encouraged the recipient to create their own personal space. Included were many handmade items, both fully finished and interactive pieces. They were of great inspiration!

Beautiful packaging, handwritten letters and explanations

Personalized stationery

Inspiring mix CD to listen to while creating

Lots of ephemera and collage materials

Beautiful photographs

An eclectic collection of zines, some to fill out yourself!

It included supplies for creating, like ephemera and paper goods, but it also included a custom made piece of fabric designed for fort-making! Every kit was unique, and I was really excited to receive a dinosaur printed one! The idea of building a creative space, even if it’s temporary, is really important. It’s vital to be inspired by your environment for creating!

I made a fort with my dino fabric in my studio. It was a fun place to write letters while watching Tiny Furniture. Bug wasn’t a fan of the fort, but I don’t listen to everything my cat says.

The fabric included black ties to make it easier to install your fort:

I was really impressed with this package, and if you want to sign up you can do so on her Etsy. She offers one and three month subscription plans. She also did a review of this month’s packages herself.