Maura and I were texting about coming up with resources for local friends during this COVID-19 time, and she had the idea to have a small gathering for friends where she would lead a meditation, yoga poses, and hold space for the particular problems and feelings we were personally experiencing that others might not be thinking of or experiencing first hand.

It ended up turning into a virtual event, and we basically just ended up doing a webinar together, so we decided to share it together, opting to cut out the yoga poses (it was basic things that you can find on YouTube, I promise, but Maura did an excellent job of teaching, it was just weird because I wasn’t prepared to record with my webcam in my office haha.)

We talk about what we’re uncertain about, how to have faith, what we’re dealing with personally, how to support each other, how to create rituals, how to keep these rituals past this panic and epidemic, and much much more. We thought it would be helpful to share with you. And we know that you all think we’re just dating anyway, so let’s feed that fire. 😉

Maura’s original event description read:

We have heard the words “It takes a Village” before- in response to helping raise children, to creating a society that we all want to live in, that we all thrive in. We all have unique gifts and abilities, we have privileges that we can use to help others, and we love doing certain things.

We can combine these into something that helps our community, those that don’t have our privileges, or our abilities. We can ask for what we need and feel assured that there is someone else there that can help and give assistance. We just have to be honest, open, and respectful of each other.

This event is inspired by the recent COVID-19 outbreak and seeing the amount of fear that is out there. There is a lot of fear out there for good reason, and there will be those who are dis proportionally effected by this.

This is HER baby. I am simply sharing it on my platform.

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