You don’t want your wedding to be a fad, but you do want it to be tasteful, elegant, beautiful and fun. It’s a special day (maybe the most special for you and your partner), and so you want it to be a timeless affair for you, and your friends and family, to look back on. While some may suggest staying away from ‘trends,’ there is nothing wrong with incorporating what’s in fashion into your wedding – especially if it’s ‘so you’ to begin with. Here are the wedding trends you should look out for.

The Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is a big decision, especially with so many cuts and stones to deliberate. There are modern styles, and the return of some old favorites, so finding your perfect ring can be overwhelming and a difficult decision.

Edwardian engagement rings are returning with their colorful and intricate gemstones and diamonds; similar to these sophisticated sapphire engagement rings. These antique inspired engagement rings embody delicate craftmanship, and they’re a breath of fresh air when it comes to the usual diamond engagement rings.

The Wedding

Weddings are becoming more Bohemian and rustic over the years. With flower crowns, barns and naked cakes, many people are planning a charming and quirky alternative to the polished affairs. Of course, these wedding themes may seem lowkey, but they take equal amounts of planning and can be just as stressful. Other themes to consider are greenery (think wreaths, flower crowns, centerpieces), garden weddings and neutral palettes.  

The Cake

The naked cake is still ever popular, however, 2017 brings it some competition. Metallic cakes are ideal for those who love art-deco, and painted wedding cakes can bring color and flare to a simple design. Other trends are lace, geometric and rosette wedding cakes.

The Dress

Choosing your wedding dress is an immense task. It’s not something you buy on a whim. It takes months of dress fittings, so you can decide on the color, length, shape and style. You want it to match your personality, and it should match your wedding’s theme.

Chic and simple wedding dresses are back in fashion, and they ooze style and elegance (see these, for example). For those who love vintage, tea length wedding dresses are also returning to center stage. Some brides are being more daring and opting for a sheer bridal gown (perfect for a beach or Boho wedding); ruffles are ideal for those who love romantic, feminine gowns; and high-necked wedding gowns with a dramatic back are both grand and sophisticated.  

The Suit

Slim fitting suits are still fashionable, however, black tuxes are no more. Instead, the three-piece suit has been replaced with textured alternatives such as wool or tweed in an earthier color palette (brown, moss green and navy blue). Ties can also be textured, and can be replaced by a patterned bowtie altogether. Boutonnieres have taken a more rustic turn, with many grooms favoring exotic flowers over the usual rose. White shirts are now usually replaced by patterned, blue or even check designs.