Body Positivity: Inspire Each Other To Love Our Bodies | Uncustomary

2019 is the year of body positivity. With more plus sized models and stretch marks on show in the media, it is true we have come a long way in body acceptance and positivity. However, society still has a long way to go with this, as body shaming is still apparent. So how can we help each other boost our confidence and love ourselves? There are so many changes you can make – big and small – to help inspire ourselves and those around us. Take a look below for steps we can take to help each other love our bodies. 


We all know that exercising is great for you, but it’s not just about staying slim or losing weight. Exercise helps us build muscle and confidence, reduce health risks, and improves our mood! If you have a passion for exercise and think you have what it takes to motivate others, why not consider a career as a personal trainer? You must be passionate, motivational and patient, and can earn money at the same time as exercising! Take a look at the following link if you want to become a Personal Trainer in Leeds or wherever you are based. The great thing about this is that you can earn money doing something you love at the same time as helping others. 

Exercising can help us love ourselves, as it releases endorphins which boost our mood, and give us more energy, making us feel less groggy. There are so many different types of exercise or sports you can try, so if just the thought of going for a run makes you break out in a sweat, don’t panic! There are so many other options, such as dance, yoga, pole fitness, Pilates, swimming. The list is endless! Take a look at your local gym or fitness center and see what classes they offer. 

Swap Instagram for Books

A great way of promoting self-love and body positivity is through reading books. There are so many fabulous books out there, such as ‘Beautiful You – A daily guide to radical self-acceptance’ written by Rosie Molinary. This is great for promoting and encouraging women to love themselves, no matter what shape or size. ‘Body Respect by Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor shows the truth about body insecurities and weight. Reading these books can give you a positive outlook on life and help you feel better about your body image. If you find yourself endlessly scrolling through Instagram photos, feeling worse and worse about yourself, put down your phone and pick up a book. Social media can often be detrimental for mental health, so it’s important to take a break from it. If you have recently read a good book, share it! (We want to read it too!)

Take a Break

Every once in a while, it’s nice to take a break from your busy schedules and make time for you. Why not go on a spa day with your friends or grab lunch together? Taking time to look after you and your body can help you feel great about yourself. Socializing with friends means you can both take time out and catch up on each other’s lives. Checking up on your friends every now and again is vital. Practice self-care every so often – cook a nutritious meal or read your favorite book. Even if it’s just 10 minutes out of your day, self-care is so important, and it’s often overlooked. Take a look at these self-care ideas for when you need a break. 

Share the Love!

One of most simple yet best ways to boost each other’s confidence is by complimenting those around you. Comment on that Instagram photo, and share inspirational pics on social media. Compliment people you see in the streets. If you think someone looks good, tell them! It’s nice to be nice, and it’s true what they say: kindness is contagious. A simple comment may make someone’s week. And stand up for your sisters: if you hear someone body shaming, challenge them! 

Listen to People

Such a simple yet powerful tool – listening. Sometimes, listening to someone is all it takes to make them feel better, whether it’s about work, themselves or just life in general. Even if you don’t have much advice to give, more often than not it’s nice to simply have someone there. This can allow people to get stuff off their chest that they would otherwise have bottled up. Whether it’s a friend or a stranger on the bus, talking and listening to each other is the best step to good mental health. Take a look at the benefits of talking, and how it can help you, as well as those around you, feel better about yourself. 

Be Kind to Your Body

This is often one of the hardest things to do, yet probably the most important one of all. Our bodies go through a lot in a day and they are actually rather amazing vessels when you think about it. We often take simple things for granted and sometimes forget that our bodies are machines and need taking care of. If you are hungry- eat. You might ignore food cravings, but often this is your body’s way of telling you it needs something, so listen to what it’s saying. If you are tired, take a nap! Sometimes you might need a day off to recharge and look after yourself, and that’s ok.  So, don’t be harsh on yourself, look after yourself. After all, you only get one body! 

Everybody is different and every body is different, and although as a society we have come such a long way, there is still so much we can do. Positive mind sets are contagious, so if someone can see you taking care of yourself, and standing up for others, it will inspire them to do the same, creating a knock on effect of self-love and body positivity. Know that self-love is not selfish, but it is vital to live a happy and fulfilling life. So, look after your body and inspire others to do the same.