Last month, I was at an amazing event called KarmaFest. I mentioned my favorite part probably being the Blessing Box, but I didn’t go into detail because I felt like it deserved its own post because of how deeply it affected me. So let me tell you what happened!

Between classes, my dad and I were walking by a strip of vendors and tents and two people outside one of the tents stopped me and said they had to meet me because of how colorful I was and my positive energy. I talked to them for a little and glanced over at a giant clear container full of small decorated boxes. There were hundreds and they were all different. I asked what they were and they told me they were Blessing Boxes, and I should go select one. I walked over to the container, and looked into all the colors and designs. I would usually be overwhelmed and take a long time picking out the one I want with something like that, but the one I wanted felt like it picked me. I just reached in and grabbed it. It looked like this.

Blessing Box | Uncustomary

I loved it so much and felt a really strong connection to it, and they told me now Step 2 was to go sit in a chair where two different people would come share the blessing that my selected box had to offer me. I had no idea that’s what was about to happen, and I definitely had no idea how intense my blessing was going to be.

The woman told me that I’m vibrant and full of love, that I love to give, but I currently have a “soggy” heart. That I keep falling in love with people who aren’t able to reciprocate love the way I need it and it’s been breaking me. That I need to take time for myself to charge and not give from an empty cup.

The man waited for the woman to stop speaking, and said, “I’m going to be honest with you. I didn’t hear a word she said. The bongos are too loud”. I laughed really hard, but I actually really liked it because that meant he wasn’t going to be influenced by what she said. He told me that he kept hearing the word “vivacious” over and over in his head. That I’m someone who has been brought to earth to bring happiness to other people but sometimes I do that at the expense of my own happiness or health and I need to make sure I take care of my sensitive heart in the process. He said he sees some kind of kindness acts or philanthropy in my lifestyle.

Seeing any themes here? At this point I’m straight up crying. My dad, who has been sitting there the whole time, says my work reminds him of a quote one of the nuns from his elementary Catholic school used to say: “Do good, and go away”. I cry more. I ask if I can keep the box (yes, it’s on my altar as I type this) and think that I need to hug them and give them some “You Are Beautiful” stickers. I stand up, hug them, wipe my tears, and overwhelmingly start to walk away. All of a sudden the man shouts, “Wait! I’m hearing something! It just says, ‘You are beautiful, you are beautiful, you are beautiful’ over and over again!” and my jaw dropped as I dug into my purse and pulled out a sticker for each of them.

I’m never going to forget that Blessing Box.