Are you looking to add a retro feel to your bedroom? Deciding how, when, and why to redesign your bedroom and what look you’re going for can be super difficult. And that’s without considering the cost, which can range from around two thousand dollars to more than ten thousand dollars!

But, never fear! We’ve got all the best retro feeling vibes so you can redesign your bedroom efficiently and in a way you’ll love.

These are the best vintage bedroom ideas that you’ll love. For more guides on how to fill the rest of your perfect retro home I recommend RetroGeekery for inspiration.

1. Add Antique and Vintage Furniture

The best way to add a retro feel to your bedroom is to find antique and vintage furniture items and decorations to add authenticity. It doesn’t take a lot of different pieces to totally transform the look and feel of your bedroom into something truly old-timey.

If you plan to keep your own bed, adding a great antique headboard can totally change the feel of your room. If you’re looking for a nice accent piece, try a nice vintage armchair, like a wingback chair.

The right painting or tapestry, framed correctly and placed on the right part of the wall, can bring your entire design to incredibly new heights.

2. Mix It Up

Using clashing fabrics, different types of woods and other unexpected additions are a wonderful part of a vintage style bedroom. Mixing and matching will bring even more of a real feeling to your new vintage redesign. Dark wood and light wood can look super cool and old school in the right context, and so can wood and cool old-school plastic jewelry.

Using different types of fabrics and other materials can also really help with pulling a new look together. You can also try mixing traditionally feminine feeling patterns and designs, like floral prints, to contrast with more traditionally masculine patterns and designs. Try experimenting with a lot of different combinations to find the optimal construction of material contrasts that you’ll love looking at.

3. Repurposing Your Items

Adding vintage items in unexpected ways is another cool way to save time and money while adding to your bedroom’s aesthetic. Plus, it can help save the environment by being a sustainable thing to do!

For example, vintage suitcases stacked on top of each other can make for great side tables for your bedroom. Use a vintage dresser as a cool standing desk. You can purpose fancy old containers to hold your pens, school supplies, or makeup.

Vintage plates, bowls, and cups can be made into a beautiful and stylish jewelry stand so you can display all of your great vintage finds! Turn your cute little teacups into planters so that you can give back to the planet. Turn fancy old wine bottles or cans into classy old-school looking candle holders to give your room a spooky and scary vibe.

Vintage utensils can become hooks for your jackets, old ladders or other wooden items can become shelving, road signs can become great wall art — the possibilities are endless!

These are just a few of the many different options you have when it comes to repurposing things you already own into your vintage redesign. Basically anything you have that’s in good shape could be used!

4. Floral Prints Forever

Flowers are an integral part of adding to a vintage redesign of your bedroom. They may be a little girly, but they’ll automatically signal a vintage and retro feel to everyone who enters the space.

If you want something super feminine, try large prints in pinks, whites, reds, and pastels. If you’re looking for something a little more neutral, try more intricate floral patterns in darker and cooler colors. If you want something a little more unusual, why not try a fun orange floral print, something in black or white, or florals with contrasting filters!

Look into lots of different options so that you can be sure you found the perfect prints for your new redesign.

5. Pastels on Pastels on Pastels

Sticking with a pastel color scheme can help set the mood and tone in any room in your house, let alone your bedroom. Here are some great pastel colors you may want to incorporate into your newly redesigned room:

  • Mint green
  • Peach
  • Lavender
  • Light grey
  • Sage
  • Sunny yellow
  • Lilac
  • Baby blue

These are just a few of the many, many amazing pastel colors you can try out. Make sure that you experiment so that you can find the right colors that fit your color scheme and the general feel of what you’re going for in your redesign!

6. Hang on The Walls

Filling up your walls with vintage prints and statement pieces can also help class up the joint in your newly redesigned room.

Prints from old government posters, for example, can completely change the look and feel of the room and add a lot of authenticities that it may not otherwise have! Reproductions of some of your favorite classical paintings can add even more antique vibes to your room.

What you choose totally depends on your specific tastes and interests, but it’s important to know what your options are going in so that you know what you’re looking for.

7. Focus on the Details

Using tiny details can make all the difference in making or breaking your redesign. For example, incorporating the right kinds of candles and candle holders can totally pull together your new vintage bedroom.

Trying out large vintage wooden frames, with or without a painting or photo in them, can also add some more vintage love into your bedroom redesign. Basically, you just need to keep an eye on every single thing that you want to be added to your new setup, to make sure that every single tiny detail flows together in the best possible way!

8. Mixing Eras

Using styles and designs from different vintage eras can add even more of an eclectic and cozy feel for your room. Try out some buttoned-up 1950s, peace and love 1960s, bohemian 1970s, popping and colorful 1980s, or the grungy 1990s.

It’s a new century, after all, and you don’t have to stick with just one boring era instead of picking and choosing what you like best from all of these super cool years of the past!

9. Get the Best Bed

Getting a great vintage or antique bedframe is the best way to make sure your new vintage design works. Learn more here about how to choose good double or Single Bed Frames. Of course, you’ll still need a modern mattress for your new frame! Learn more here about how to choose good double or Single Bed Frames. Of course, you’ll still need a modern mattress for your new frame!

And, you’ll still need to make sure your new bed fits in your room, so make sure to measure in advance to find out if you should stick with a twin bed, full-sized mattress, queen, king, or California king size bed in your new bedroom.

You’ll also need to consider what you need in a mattress when you buy a new mattress as well! Make sure that it still supports your back in the way that you need so you’ll still be living your best life in your fabulous new redesigned vintage style bedroom!

If you’re worried about questions like, “how much does a mattress cost?” make sure to do your research to find the best mattress and frame for your room before you start throwing money down.

10. Wallpaper your Walls

Instead of painting your walls, using wallpaper to cover your walls can add a great vintage feel along with a great pop of color! Here are some amazing types of wallpaper you may want to incorporate into your redesign:

  • Floral
  • Damask
  • Countryside
  • Toile
  • Distressed tiles
  • Nautical or wildlife prints
  • Art deco prints
  • 1980s geometrics
  • Plaid on plaid on plaid
  • Mid-century modern
  • Art nouveau
  • Gothic prints
  • Baroque and rococo

Of course, there are many other wallpaper types you may want to use. You can even try border wallpaper if you would like a little bit of a fancier design but you aren’t interested in totally going overboard. Just make sure you get the border wallpaper lined up correctly!

Or, you may want to stick with painting the walls, particularly if you happen to be a renter. That’s totally okay too! You can use less permanent ways to add a vintage and retro touch to your bedroom.

Vintage Bedroom Ideas That Fit Your Budget

Clearly, any of the above vintage bedroom ideas would be a great fit for your style needs. Just make sure you stick within your budget and adapt the idea to suit your home and lifestyle.

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