An unusual holiday I get to personally celebrate now that I have one in my life/house, is Black Cat Appreciation Day! It falls every August 17th, and it’s actually a really important holiday! I’ve seen varying research on whether or not the numbers are reliable, but while it may be argued if black cats are less likely to be adopted, it seems to be agreed upon that black cats are more likely to be euthanized at a kill-shelter. They just tend to get a bad rap and get overlooked. They’re so amazing, though. Just like all the other cats!

Black Cat Appreciation Day | Uncustomary

The one in my life is my roommate’s, and her name is Molly. She’s a little weirdo who loves rubbing her head on hard plastic and I’ve made her a little meditation corner next to my altar that she sleeps (meditates) in while I work in my office. She and I have Tummy Time on a regular basis, she has an absurd meow, and she has these unique little patches of white on her belly, tuft area, and eyelids. She’s (no lie) the softest cat I’ve ever touched — she feels like velvet!

Before I get into ways to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day, I wanted to share a silly video Joe made of Molly.

10 Ways To Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day

1. Take a page out of Joe’s play book and make an absurd video with your black cat
2. Cast a spell with the aid of your black cat
3. Donate money, toys, food, or your time (go pet a black cat!) to a local shelter
4. Get a black cat inspired manicure
5. Get your black cat to pick out your daily Tarot card
6. Watch “Catwoman”, “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”, “Hocus Pocus”, and “Felix The Cat”
7. Throw caution to the wind and break silly superstitions that prevent people from wanting to adopt black cats
8. Get a bunch of black cats together and pretend they’re just miniature panthers
9. Brush up on some fun black cat fun facts
10. Adopt a black cat from a shelter so they have a new, happy home to live in!

Okay… one more video!

How will you celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day?

Photo: Maura Housley
Videos: Joe Dissolvo