Much has been said about judging people by their character rather than their appearance. Still, human beings are preoccupied with the way they, and others, look.

Indeed, some people are so concerned with appearances that they use it as a base for their self-esteem. Such individuals often center their lives on maintaining what they deem as an attractive look. The contemporary society does little to help this case, as nearly everyone emphasizes on the appearance of others.

Statistically, women are likely to feel insecure about their appearance than males. In a society that emphasizes on beauty in women, females often find themselves trying to achieve some sort of perceived perfection. Attempts to match these societal ideals cause other problems, self-esteem issues and eating disorders being most prevalent.

Everybody wants to look good; however, the body’s outward appearance is only one aspect of being good. Thus, it should not affect how you feel about yourself.

Below are some of the ways through which you can improve the way you feel about yourself.

Be Realistic

As mentioned above, the modern society has its own definition of beauty. Social media platforms, mainly Facebook and Instagram, have a flurry of pictures displaying the ideal women – and it’s natural for you to compare yourself with these supermodels.  Before feeling bad, it is worth noting that these pictures are heavily filtered before being posted on such platforms. Instead, you should focus on the beauty of the people you interact with physically.

Wear Comfortable Outfits

In most places, fitting clothes are deemed fashionable. When you put on smaller outfits to conform to the fashion trends, they obviously feel uncomfortable. Consequently, your brain tells you that you are no longer slender, leading to insecurity about your overall outlook.

Wearing comfortable clothing not only gives you comfort, but it also allows you to feel better about yourself.


A smiling face is way more attractive than a frowned one. It may come as surprise, but smiling to your face has a positive impact on the way you feel about yourself.

According to scientists, smiling at yourself on a mirror stimulates the mind in a similar way as third-party’s smile would. Also, the human brain is wired to perceive smiles as an indicator of attractiveness and approachability.

Keep Healthy

Although it is advisable to not put too much focus on your looks, it does not mean that you should neglect your body altogether. In this regard, you can observe certain practices to keep your body in shape. Such include regular exercise and observing your diet. Exercising is known to stimulate the production of endorphins, chemicals that elevate one’s moods.

If you feel old enough, you can rejuvenate youthfulness by having your skin improved by dermatologists. For instance, you can visit for cosmetic consultancy concerning your skin.

Compliment Others

Receiving a compliment from those around you automatically grows your self-esteem. Most people are unaware that returning this favor further boost their sense of self-worth. When you admire a trait in someone, they will most probably find you attractive. This, in turn, will make you feel good about yourself.

Reassess Your Friendships

The people you spend most of your time with have an enormous impact on your behavior and mannerisms. This includes the way you perceive your looks. If you hang out with individuals who constantly criticize their appearances, you will certainly acquire this trait. Likewise, if you associate with people who are confident with their appearance, you will develop this confidence.

Accept Your Age

Aging is inevitable. Therefore, it is useless to compare your looks with people who are considerably younger than you, as they will always look better. Similarly, you should not compare yourself with celebrities of the same age as you. This is because such people can easily access luxurious treatments and facelifts while this might not be the case for you. Nevertheless, nobody has ever been successful in combating the effects of old age- you can only alleviate, but with time, they will eventually become apparent.

Wear Striking Colors

It may seem trivial, but wearing colorful clothing can boost your overall mood significantly. Wearing red outfits automatically makes women more attractive to men. In fact, several studies have indicated that men are likely to ask out women wearing red as compared to other colors. Apparently, red is a representation of power and sensuality amongst women, so you should definitely add more of it in your wardrobe.

Body Posture – Stand And Sit Tall

In addition to making you appear attractive; an upright posture makes you feel better about yourself.

The human brain continuously communicates with other body parts to find out how you are feeling. To this end, people who stand/sit tall often have an elevated sense of power as well as increased levels of testosterone. Moreover, an upright posture is often associated with high levels of self-assurance.

Contrariwise, people who slouch have high levels of cortisol, the chemical associated with fear and insecurity. Hence, if you want to boost your mood, sitting and standing tall is a significant step towards this.


The points mentioned above are some of the methods which can help you improve the way you feel about yourself. Though different, they all point at one thing – the human body is imperfect.

Despite being inherent of humans to be concerned about looks, obsession with one’s appearances usually has adverse implications on the victim. Because humans are made to criticize themselves harshly than they do to others, focusing on bodily imperfections can shutter your self-esteem. To avoid this, you should not spend too much of your time on mirrors. Rather, concentrate and believe in the compliments given by people in real life.

Lastly, it is worth noting that looks are just a glimpse of what you are made of. This means that you should not interact with people who solely judge you by your external appearance. Instead, you should surround yourself with people that appreciate everything that makes you, your character, personality, looks and so forth.