Confidence builds up your personality. All the project presentation (in front of everyone) you did in school were meant to build your confidence. You may have also heard about personality development classes.

Having confidence is something that will help you overcome several fears. It will show you the path towards success. So, if you have searched “What is the most important thing that interviewer looks for?”, you will get confidence as the answer. Of course, basic requirements should be fulfilled, and you should have knowledge about the topic.

Be Confident: 7 Tips To Shine Every Day | Uncustomary

What Is Confidence?

Confidence basically means that you can do certain actions without hesitations. If you believe that you have the power, resources, and ability to fulfill a task, you are a confident person.

A confident person has immense faith that whatever they signed up for, they will stick with it. For example, with the following three things, you can be confident to complete a task:

  • Skills,
  • Will,
  • Confidence.

Basic Tips to Follow

You must strike a balance between being diffident and being over-confident. First of all, confidence comes from doing the right thing. If you know you did the right thing, you are unstoppable.

You can experience some days when you don’t feel confident at all. That day, a simple problem looks like a huge mountain to move. As normal as it is, it can become a huge problem sometimes. Let us go through some small tips that will increase your self-confidence:

1. Kindness is the key to happiness

When you are rude and mean to other people, it creates a bad image among them. You don’t have to be popular with everybody but make sure you show some kind of humanity once in a while. Be gentle, nice, and respect people and you will see your confidence growing.

The reason being kindness brings appreciation. This hits the reward center of our brain and produces hormone of happiness-serotonin. A happy and appreciated mind is always confident because you know that you are doing a good thing.

Be Confident: 7 Tips To Shine Every Day | Uncustomary

2. Wear bright colors

Sometimes when you wake up on a gloomy day, you don’t feel like doing anything. Even a small essay writing seems like creating a thesis. The reason behind this is that sunlight and bright things stimulate the brain to produce serotonin.

You must have notices within yourself, how you shine on a sunny day and droop on a gloomy day. You cannot control the sun, but a bright outfit can bring the confidence that faded away with gloomy days.

Be Confident: 7 Tips To Shine Every Day | Uncustomary

3. Stay away from over-confident people

According to Forbes, when you hang out with people who have a superiority complex, they drain out the confidence from you too. Overly-confident people (Hoover people), keep telling you that what you do is not enough or not good.

It creates a sense of helplessness and makes you lack confidence. Make sure, you do not have such people around you. If you do, then it is time to say “goodbye” and make better friends who support you.

4. Do a plan

Disorganization brings chaos into your life. If you think your life could be organized in a better way, you should start with a “To-Do-List.” Your list should comprise of short-term achievable goals.

A checklist is even better. Once you tick the boxes or cross out the points you did, a sense of accomplishment fills in. This feeling is required very often to increase your self-esteem. An example of your To-Do-List is:

  • Clean Room;
  • Study Classes;
  • Walk after eating 30 minutes;
  • Finish half assignment;

If you put bigger goals that you cannot achieve in a short-time, it can create further depression. So, be careful with your wishes.

Be Confident: 7 Tips To Shine Every Day | Uncustomary

5. Make music your best-friend

Human beings can be annoying sometimes with their drama and excessive complaining. When there is no-one to look forward to, make music your friend. Great music has the power to enhance moods.

Also, the rhythm of the music brings stability and a sense of positivity. You can choose whatever genre you like. Also, sometimes the lyrics of the music express the feeling within you. This makes you feel like you are not the only one out there.

Be Confident: 7 Tips To Shine Every Day | Uncustomary


6. Cleaning help

Cleaning is exhausting and difficult. But psychologists say that cleaning helps in taking off the mind from something depressing. As you clean your room, the cloudiness over your mind also clears away giving way to positive thoughts.

Also, when you clean, you see direct positive results of your actions which act as a confidence booster. When your surroundings are messy, you will not feel like doing anything useful.

Be Confident: 7 Tips To Shine Every Day | Uncustomary

7. Learn more and speak less

This phrase should not stop you from speaking up your mind. But you should try not to speak about useless things. This will divert your attention from stuff that has priority in life. Make sure, you learn new things every day.

Do not limit yourself to academic or office knowledge. Sometimes learning something new about another religion, different culture, and new inventions can improve your self-belief. This is another factor that boosts confidence because you know a little more than other people.

Building Self-Confidence

Those are the top 7 confidence tips that hopefully answered your question “How to be confident.” These are some small things that matter a lot in life. Yes, you are an awesome person, but the above tips will help you shine every day whether sunny or not!

Author Bio: Susan Wallace is a confident writer. Her original, non-plagiarised, precise writing shows that she is a confident woman. Even as a child, her passion for writing could be clearly seen. She has been in the editorial board of her school magazine and other smaller press departments. Susan knew about her career when she was as young as 10 years old. Susan loves outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and cycling. She is a strong supporter of nature preservation and writes steadily for it. Just like any other girl, she is a complete foodie. Although she tries to remain healthy.