Be Bald And Be Free Day is an unusual holiday celebrated every October 14th. I think balding is something that doesn’t get talked about enough in the world of body positivity and has too many pre-conceived notions of negative connotations that go along with it! Why? Did you know that there are studies that show that women tend to actually psychologically find bald men more successful? And really, balding is just like anything else we’re celebrating in the world of body positivity: something we can’t control! Whether it’s from male pattern baldness, alopecia, or a result of cancer treatment, there is no reason to treat someone differently because of how much hair they have on their body.

I wanted to get a bald cap to take a picture for this post, but didn’t realize that the kit didn’t come with the other 20 supplies you need for creating a successful faux bald look, so we did a half bald look. Bald on the top, hair on the bottom. Kind of a bald mullet situation.

Be Bald And Be Free Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebration Be Bald And Be Free Day

1. Take off your toupees, wigs, hair pieces, etc. and let your bald hide shine in all its glory
2. Shave your head to be bald on purpose, even if it isn’t happening naturally
3. Wear a bald cap for a day as a social experiment to see how/if life is different for you as a bald person
4. Text or call your favorite bald person to tell them that you think they’re beautiful
5. Invest in some new sunscreen, exfoliating scrub, face balm, or shaving tools for your head
6. Research famous bald people and their accomplishments
7. Watch TV shows and movies with bald characters
8. Donate to an alopecia charity
9. Watch a video of what not to say to bald men
10. Read Bald And Beautiful Cancer Survival stories

How will you celebrate Be Bald And Be Free Day?

Photo: Maura Housley