Basking In Color: An Abstract Expressionist Approach To Your Interior

Many people are afraid to incorporate patterns and designs in their home for fear that they will look too busy or bold. This is unfortunate because they are missing out on a design style that is easy to achieve and looks beautiful. Trying a new style can make you look at your interior in an entirely new way. Here are some things to remember when adding abstract expressionism to your interior.

Color Conveys Emotion

One of the key concepts of abstract expressionism is that color is tied to emotion. Red is often associated with love and passion while blue can be associated with nature, depression, or soothing feelings, depending upon how it is being used. Green can stand for jealousy, sick feelings, or nature.

Jackson Pollock

Pollock gained popularity in the late 1940’s with his unique approach to art. Pollock began stretching canvas on the floor so that he could throw paint, draw and use non-traditional materials more easily. This method influenced many future artists and inspired them to produce art that they could use to better express themselves. This same inspiration can be used in your home. Choose artwork that combines different elements to which you can relate. A black and white pattern may have hidden images in it, or a splattering of different shades of blue on a vase or other object may remind you of a great trip you had to the sea.

Mark Rothko

Rothko is famous for such works as Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea. He became popular at the same time as Jackson Pollock. His early painting often featured bars of color transitioning into one another. This makes his work easy to use in any home décor. If you have a room in which you do your favorite hobby, then you might want a painting that has various shades of red as the main components to reflect your passion for what you do.

Adding Vibrancy And Emotion

Vibrant rug designs can be used to enliven a drab room without overwhelming it. Designs in soft, pleasing colors such as sage or light blue can be good choices for bedrooms or bathrooms. Living rooms and entryways are great places to put fun and bold colors and designs. This is a great way to brighten up darker spaces. The beauty of rugs is that you can move them around to wherever is most pleasing to you. In fact, you may want to experiment with moving several rugs around to change the look of your home occasionally. You may even take inspiration from the great abstract expressionist artists and use color to get in the right mood. If you want to feel calm, then put out the blue-themed rug. If you want to reflect on nature, then try green.

Abstract expressionism is about expressing oneself through form and color. If you stay true to those principles, you will find it easy to use this great style in your home.

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