I haven’t really been mentioning how I’m doing with my goal of visiting Baltimore 50 times in 2012, so I wanted to post some pictures of my most recent time there. I’ve completed trip #17 which makes me completely on time with my visits. It looks like I’m not going to have any problems accomplishing this goal!

Charlotte has a new job working near Camden Yards, so we (Katie, Andrew, and I) met her there and then walked back to her car in a garage. There was an Oriole’s game that night so there were a lot of people in orange jerseys and we saw some balloons on the street.

Once we got back to the garage and found Charlotte’s car, I was really impressed with the view from the rooftop and the lack of cars in the lot. It was just an open roof top party for us with a great view of the clock tower. We had a little dance party which was when the parking ticket got lost and we had a bit of drama over that, but oh well.

We drove to Fells Point and walked to Bad Decisions. The walk down Fleet Street was really nice and we saw a lot of cool things like this ribbon.

The best part, though, was on the way back to the car. We found this alley full of twinkle lights on trees and rose bushes. There was music playing (even at 1am) and benches to sit on. We took advantage of the situation and did some traipsing, twirling, and photo snapping.

Past the alley we found even more fun things like pretty doors and fun antique shops.

The moral of the story is that it’s going to be incredibly easy for my to accomplish my 50X goal and that even after I go to Baltimore 50 times in one year I’m still going to be discovering more wonderful things about it. It’s a great city.