When I was in Chicago this May, I got to decorate a bus stop shelter with my friends. It was one of the best installations I’ve been a part of, and I had so much fun doing it. I wanted to bring that fun back to Baltimore, so recently, I decorated a shelter on Light Street!

(No, that’s definitely not my reflection in the glass. I’m obviously a better photographer than that.)

I was excited to bring together a bunch of projects to decorate this bus stop shelter. Firstly, I had made some award ribbons a couple months ago, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. I decided to let people know that they were doing a good job. I hope some people took a ribbon home with them.

I left out one of the paintings I made for the Experimental Arts Tour, since I figured the concept of “play” really coincides with turning a mundane area into a fun space.

One day, when everything was 25% off at the thrift store, I found this fuchsia canopy that I was positive I had to buy. I didn’t want it for my bed or house, but it had to come home with me. I decided to turn into street art, and I hope it went to a good home. That same day I found two party hat garlands. One is in my room and the other got to be a part of this project.

My friend, Erica, sends me mail art very often. She’s very consistent and creates great pieces, usually with a word or some type of text as a focal point. I received this right before I did this installation, and knew it had to be a part of it. It went with the theme so well!

(I left some business cards under a smiley face magnet)

And of course I twirled inside the canopy before I stealthily walked back to my car. It was windy and damp that day, and there was an intense amount of construction going on right behind the shelter, but I’m glad I did it. Bring some color to the boring, lovelies. Bring it.

What are other “regular” places we can turn into party spaces?