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Enjoying an Alternative Lifestyle – How to Avoid the Dreaded Morning After

For people with an active social life, one of the biggest challenges is enjoying a night on the town without subjecting yourself to that dreaded morning after hangover. There are alternatives that can leave you free from that pounding headache or love affair with the toilet if you simply want to have a good time without regretting it the next day. Try these out for size!

Dinner and a Flick – Minus the Cocktails and Wine

Some people live for the weekend when they can enjoy a night out at their favorite restaurant where they meet early, enjoy a few cocktails at the bar before being shown to a table and then further enjoy a bottle or two of their favorite wine when dinner arrives. After dinner there is a round or two of after dinner aperitifs that just adds to the misery you’ll experience in the morning. Have you considered doing dinner as usual minus the wine and cocktails? In fact, in states where cannabis is legal you might even like to enjoy the growing number of weed bars that will quickly show you how weed is like wine without that dreaded morning after hangover.

An Evening of Gaming

Whether you choose to visit a gaming arcade or a night behind your PlayStation console, an evening of gaming might be just what the doctor ordered. Play against live players online and you’ll soon see how important it is to avoid the spirits in order to keep quick wits about you. Playing live players is much more challenging than playing the system, so you won’t want to be overloaded on booze if you have any hope of coming out the champ.

A Walk in the Park

Since it is illegal to bring open bottles / cans to most local, county, state and national parks, a walk in the park would be one way of ensuring you don’t get tempted to pop the lid. Get a group of friends together or that special someone and enjoy an evening in the park. Many close at sundown but those parks that also offer camping are open 24/7. Have you ever hiked a trail at night? Nothing is more exhilarating than the sounds of all those night ‘creatures’ that you try to identify by the sounds they make. If you’ve never walked the park at night, you’re in for a real treat.

Primitive Camping

Speaking of parks that have camping, why not go all the way? Try your hand at primitive camping where there are no amenities whatsoever. The only thing you might have is a campfire ring where you can do your cooking but most don’t even have restroom facilities and this is certainly something you wouldn’t want to do under the influence!

With a little extra planning and a bit of creativity, you surely can come up with alternative ways to spend an evening sans the alcohol. Just one happy experience might swear you off the spirits for good. Even so, it certainly will be nice to wake up and see something other than the toilet bowl and last night’s dinner swimming in front of your eyes. There is nothing in the books that says you need to get loaded in order to have a good time so try your hand at something new. Your body will thank you the next day – that’s a virtual guarantee.