Last weekend when I met Kate and her Bookcrossing group, I took them to AVAM for the first time. We didn’t do the actual museum because honestly, just the Sideshow gift shop is enough to last you all day (plus the cool outside stuff). I never leave that gift shop without spending at least $30. I wanted to show the cool things I got this time. Some fruit straws, an octopus finger, a book about street art, some vintage photos, and a handful of trinkets! And look at those teal and gold rings. I need to wear one today because I forgot about them.

Here are some more shots from that visit to AVAM.

If you ever get the opportunity to go to the gift shop (which you don’t have to pay admission to get into) DO IT.

What’s your favorite museum in your area? Are there any gift shops I should check out if I’m in your area?