You know when things line up perfectly? Maybe it’s all the green lights in the city at the same time, cutting minutes off your morning commute, or maybe it’s when all of your friends magically want to do the same thing in the same night. Most recently, for me, I had three things coincide in a beautiful triangle: 1) My trip to San Francisco, where I would meet my artist friend, Heidi 2) Finding out about the Army Of Lovers movement 3) My leftover valentines supplies.

The Army Of Lovers came together to spread valentines to strangers. I was grateful for Erika for tweeting at me to clue me into their mission. Unfortunately, I forgot to add their hashtag to the things I passed out, but my heart was in the right place. I’m always glad to find friends who like to do these types of things with me!

Heidi and I walked through Golden Gate Park with her dog, Dogman, and handed out valentines, supplies, and wish tickets to people we didn’t know on Valentine’s Day. It was beautiful!

I taped the conversation hearts I made to signs, gates, and balloon men.

I threw a few stickers in there for good measure. (Get your own here.)

One of my favorite things was giving wishes to people. I like the idea of being a genie and granting wishes. One man said “how about two?” because he wanted to give one to his son. I laughed and thought that I’d have to cut it off at three!

The park is exquisite. Not only are flowers in full bloom in February, but there are multiple fountains, museums, and tea gardens. Everyone was in a good mood, and the amount of cute dogs would have blown your mind.

After the workshops I taught, I had a couple pre-made bags left. I hope whoever found them made their special someone something fun!

Thanks so much, Heidi! It was so good to meet you.

What would you wish for on your wish ticket?