Essay writing is one of the crucial aspects of a student’s studies. It often forms a large part of your grades, and your professors spend a lot of time ensuring your essay writing skills are up to standard.

While this sounds great, we can’t ignore that writing essays takes a lot of time. There is so much planning, preparation, and research that goes into writing an essay. With thousands of homework from other classes, it may be just a tad bit difficult to squeeze out the time to pen down an essay. 

This is why many essay-writing websites have risen to the occasion to help students climb out of the avalanche of essays they need to write to get through school. 

Why You May Want To Use an Essay Writing Service

Just a quick search on the internet will bring out a lot of essay writing and homework help sites, such as Sweetstudy, 99 Papers, Grade Miners, etc. Some of these sites help with homework answers in any subject you choose, including essay writing. 

This would seem like a dream come true for many students, but how do these sites that write essays really help overcome the challenges of homework problems? Let’s find out below. 

1. Essay Writing Services Are Legal

This is one of the top questions many students ask when they find out about essay writing services. As much as the services provide some relief from their overload of homework, nobody wants to be caught on the wrong side of the law.

Thankfully, you’re safe. Essay writing services and sites are legal. There are no laws that state that writing services are illegal or that you are ineligible to use them. Although many universities have petitioned the government to ban services like these, no steps have been taken to pass legislation in that regard. 

Essay writing services fall under the category of ghostwriting services, and the final work and all copyrights to the essay belong to you. Since you are the legal owner of the work according to law, you’re not breaking any copyright laws. 

2. Essay Writing Services Are Confidential

Confidentiality is also very important when it comes to ordering your essay homework from a writing service. These sites understand this, and so build the brand around the anonymity that they offer. 

This means you can order a paper anonymously without anyone catching a whiff of it. One way to find out how reliable these services are is to read through their terms and conditions, privacy policies, and mode of service. 

3. Essay Writing Services Are Fast

One of the goals of using an essay writing service is to help you fire through your work quickly. This is what many of these sites provide; quick, easy, reliable services. 

If you’re lucky to choose a great site, these are the qualities you get to enjoy. Some college essay websites even offer unlimited free revisions, so you can ask them to modify your work until it suits your preference. 

These sites have numerous tutors and academic writers that are always available to handle your essays and meet your deadlines.

4. Essay Writing Services Are Affordable

These services understand what it’s like to be a student, managing your resources to survive through school. That’s why many of them are affordable and pocket-friendly.

You will find essay writing services for as low as $9, and still get a good, quality, job done. Many of these sites charge based on the enormity of the specifications of your work and the deadlines stipulated. 

So, if your work has many requirements such as citations, referencing, large word count, you may need to pay a little higher.

Possible Disadvantages of Using Essay Writing Sites

Like many good things, this one also has some disadvantages that you need to be aware of. This will guide you if you decide to go use any of these services.

1. A Penalty from Your School

Using unreliable and unsafe sites puts you at risk of being caught by your university. While essay writing services may not be punishable by national law, they may be found an offense at your school. You may face disciplinary action, get a low score, or be held back a year. Be confident in the safety of a site before you proceed.

2. Poor Services

Many of these sites are faceless, making it easy for scammers to run them. You may be promised great essays from professional and qualified writers before you pay for a service, but that doesn’t guarantee that that’s the service you’ll get.

3. Plagiarism

Ghostwriting services are legal; plagiarism is not. Some of these sites may promise 100% unique writing services but deliver plagiarized papers. 

Before you choose to work with an essay writing service, find out if they provide plagiarism reports with your paper. Also, make sure to double-check for plagiarism before your final submission.  


Essay writing services exist to help students overcome the homework challenges that schools and professors impose on students. They’re legal and help you get through with your work quickly. 

Still, it’s important to know the risks involved in working with some of these sites and go for one that is tested, trusted, and legit to avoid facing penalties.