Happy April!!
At the end of every month (so far) this year I have asked people to tell me things that were fabulous, made them happy, or they consider to be highlights from that month. I’ve been keeping logs of it in my Happy Book and here are some of the entries from my friends, pen-pals, coworkers, etc. (I’m going to do entries like this every three months.) Can you spot yours?
+ getting my own business cards


+ coming up with a new art project
+ started working towards by BA degree
+ making Philly friends
+ best birthday (week) I can ever remember
+ magic shows
+ getting a blender


+ new Nintendo games
+ mermaid hair
+ going back to work
+ tax money
+ my best friends telling me they’re proud of me juggling work and school
+ my boyfriend took me for a weekend away for our anniversary
+ deciding to relocate
+ Leap Day road trips
+ buying a plane ticket for Iowa
+ heart shaped chicken
+ good convertible weather


+ finishing The Wire
+ went to a metal show and saw a motorized wheel chair kid crowd surf
+ finding a lover I really care about
+ St. Patrick’s Day
+ getting the apartment I’ve been waiting for
+ sold my house
+ buying a Play Station 3
Exciting things happening this month


+ Matt’s 24th birthday (23)
+ The Metro Yarn Crawl (14-22)
+ Having ad buttons up on Kaelah & Kyla‘s sites
+ 5 and a half years but who’s counting? (9)
+ Easter (8)
+ The Enchanted Forest re-opens (1)
+ National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month
+ World Party Day (3)
+ Snail Papers Month (7)
+ National Dance Day (29)
+ Earth Day (22)
pictures from past Aprils
What’s exciting for you this month? What are you looking forward to?