Last week when I went out to post the stickers I made with the Spread The Love theme I had a double agenda. The second part was placing some invitations in places where strangers could find them.

I found a pack of twenty invitations at the thrift store for less than $1 and I wrote the same thing on each one. I put them in an envelope titled “An Invitation” which will hopefully spark some interest in passersby. I had fun alternating between posting stickers and leaving these envelopes for people to find.


1) permanent outdoor checker/chess board 2) an ATM slot 3) free paper bin 4) tour guide info (there were no maps in there, so hopefully these suffice for tourists!)

I enjoyed doing this and I left my card in them so maybe people will come see this post! Maybe.

There’s still a bunch more of these to scatter around the world and I intend to. It would be miraculous if someone read it and did a little dance. That would be perfect.

Happy Third of July!