I’m so happy that I was able to reciprocate having Ebonie on my podcast, and chat with her on her podcast, “Adulting With Ebonie“! She asked me what I was open to talking about and I listed out a ton of things, because, as we know, I’m pretty much an open book. And I’m honestly so glad that she picked something that I haven’t talked too much about openly yet: kink!

The truth is I’ve been friends with the Kink community in Baltimore for over four years now, and working with my own kinks for longer than that. The last year has been extremely important for self-discovery in this area, and I’m so happy to discuss it publicly. Honestly, we barely even get the chance to scrape the surface because it’s such a deep topic, but I’m thrilled to open the gateways, and if anyone has questions, throw them at me!

Adulting With Ebonie Podcast: Finding Your Kink | Uncustomary

I do want to disclaim that there is a trigger warning for this episode! I talk about consensual non-consent sex/play, so if you are triggered by discussion surrounding rape, you might want to steer clear, at least of the end. I also discuss how kink can be a way to powerfully reclaim a traumatic incident that happened to you.

Other than that, I think it’s okay! Just be aware that this is about kinky sex, so it’s not for the faint of heart. And I’m honestly so honored that it’s coming out on Valentine’s Day! Hell yes.

Adulting With Ebonie Podcast: Finding Your Kink | Uncustomary

Are you ready for it?