Recently, I shared my general “go-to” outfit, but I didn’t really touch on accessories. Wearing fun jewelry, nail polish, or hair pieces can really make me feel even fancier than I am! (And we all know I’m pretty fancy!) The main things I focus on in addition to clothes and shoes are rings and hair bows, but having brightly manicured fingernails, bold purses, and sparkly eye make-up can be massive confidence boosters.

Fun accessories are also one of the main conversation starters for strangers to come up to me. Most of the time, I’m doing something strange in public and it can be kind of daunting or intimidating to approach a person you don’t know who is passing out miniature umbrellas or telling people their fortune. But for whatever reason, people feel a lot more comfortable approaching me when I have something weird on my person. It’s a great ice-breaker to say that you like someone’s eye shadow, and then we can have an actual conversation!

People ask me where I get my accessories all the time. I’ve never had a job that was super lucrative. I worked at a non-profit and then I started my own business, so I’m not exactly rolling in dough. I look for cheap options like thrift stores, trades, and online websites that have adorable things and aren’t totally price-gauging you! One of those places is Apparel Candy.

Accessorize For Cheap | Apparel Candy
I put together some of my favorite pieces from their site right now in the mood board above, and while they don’t have the widest selection of clothing, their accessory game is pretty on point. That’s not to say that their wholesale clothing is nonexistent, though! They even have plus sizes. And everything is so cheap! Those star rings above are only 75 cents each. Seriously.

There’s tons of nail polishes, hair bows, rings, necklaces, eye shadows, clutches, and sunglasses. If you don’t need a prescription for your sunglasses or can wear contacts, sunglasses are a pretty bad ass accessory. Zero to gangster in .5 seconds, man. Apparel Candy has a ton of options for sunglasses, like their Wholesale Wayfarer collection plus vintage and novelty selections.

What’s your favorite accessory?