A Guide To Joining The Self-Love Club | Uncustomary

If you’re struggling with the way you look or how you feel about yourself, you’re not the only one. You may have the goal to be more positive, but the reality is far more difficult that you may have anticipated.

This Is Where The Self-Love Club Comes In.

It’s always been the thought that social media can be highly damaging regarding pressures to look a certain way or being sucked into the latest trends, but one group of Instagram users had had enough of what society deemed as ‘normal’ and wished to turn the platform into a positive space.

You don’t necessarily need to have an Instagram account to be a part of this unique club, but practicing a few techniques in your own life is certainly a realistic goal to work towards instead of using that energy to beat yourself down.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can achieve a little bit of self-love:

1. Forget Comparisons

We’ve all done it. You’ve browsed through social media and seen the ‘perfect’ body or face that makes you doubt your own appearance. Or perhaps you’re tired of seeing pictures of loved-up couples when you’re desperately on the lookout for a relationship, yet no luck is coming your way. It’s human nature to get a little jealous; but not to the extent of hating yourself. Focusing on what you don’t have rather than the vast number of positives in your life will only make you feel more unworthy of others, which just isn’t true.

2. Seek Help

You may be struggling with a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression which is making you feel completely isolated, as you see others around you getting on with their everyday lives. Yet, sometimes you just need to focus on yourself and your own needs rather than other people. If, for example, you’re struggling with an addiction that is starting to ruin the quality of your life and close relationships, it’s time to seek outside assistance and get on the road to recovery. Epiphanysoberliving.com offer comfortable and well-appointed surroundings with all the services, resources and expertise you’ll ever need for guaranteed sobriety.

3. Build On Positive Relationships

The people we choose to surround ourselves can have a huge impact on our state of mind. Those who are positive, supportive and bring out the best in you are the individuals you should aim to keep in your life. Positive energy is infectious, so no matter how low or un-confident you’re feeling, you’re bound to feel uplifted after being around these types of people, even if just slightly. Make a pact to meet up regularly with those who you value and make you feel good about yourself.

4. Find Your Happy Place

Think of a place that calms you amongst the rush of everyday life. Whether it’s in the local park, your garden or a road-trip to your favorite city, everyone deserves the chance to disconnect from the harsh realities that life throws our way to have a bit of much-needed ‘me time.’ Self-love is about recognizing what makes you happy.