Earlier this month Miki and I did a Spread The Love project using flyers as mediums. I liked that so much, that a couple of weeks after I made some more flyers with a different theme. I took myself into the city and visited almost all of the places that I put the original Spread The Love flyers to see how they were holding up. If they were there I took a picture, if they weren’t I replaced them with a new flyer.

The new flyer is inspired from one of Keri Smith‘s guerilla artist ideas to make a newsletter type page of what a regular day in your life is like. (It was originally inspired by the Learning To Love You More project.) Instead of doing a timeline type thing I made two lists. The first one was supposed to be Things I Do Most Days and the second one was Things I Do Some Days but I accidentally put ‘some’ for both. I’m okay with it though. The first list has things like pee, touch keys, wear multiple colors, check blogs, laugh, something related to snail mail… and the second list has things like lose my cell phone, shave my legs, knit, eat a burrito, and make a glitter mess. I put a picture of Bug with yarn and a button collage I made. I made a few copies and went out with duct tape. Here are the ones I posted.

And here are two of the original flyers that were still in tact when I visited them. I’m happy to see the love strips have been taken somewhat. ๐Ÿ™‚