August 15th is National Relaxation Day, and we could all use less stress in our lives, and that comes to us through many forms of self-care, rebooting, and relaxation. So I wanted to come up with 50 ways to relax in case you are so frazzled that you can’t even begin to think of how you would start to relax! Here’s your cheat sheet. Now wind down!

50 Ways To Relax | Uncustomary

1. Collect flat/smooth stones and skip them over bodies of water
2. Swing your heart out at a playground
3. Smell delicious things like candles, flowers, cake batter, and specific scents proven to calm you down like chamomile, lavender, and sandalwood
4. Explore a park, forest, waterfall, beach, or other area of nature, and think about investing in a fancy walking cane to help you out along the way
5. Have someone massage you, massage yourself, use a massage wand, or use a massage chair
6. Plunge your hand into a barrel of seeds or something else you love feeling the texture of
7. Give yourself the opportunity to laugh; watch funny YouTube videos, stand-up comedy, or try Laughter Yoga)
8. Take a bubble bath with the works (bath bombs, candles, books, bubbles, wine)
9. Meditate or go through a guided imagery
10. “Take off your shoes and your socks, then walk around on the rug barefoot and make fists with your toes” – Die Hard
11. Go on a very slow, leisurely walk
12. Eat foods that will help you relax like bananas, potatoes, oatmeal, dark chocolate, and tea
13. Stop wearing a bra and/or tight, restricting clothing
14. Do some monotonous or repetitive tasks to keep your hands busy and find some peace in the repetition
15. Try acupressure or acupuncture
16. Verbally list things you love out loud like Craig in “Parks And Recreation”
17. Color in mandalas or coloring books (adult or not)
18. Do breathing exercises (my favorite is to inhale through your nose to the count of 4, hold for the count of 7, and exhale through your mouth to the count of 8)
19. Sit in a hot tub or Jacuzzi
20. Turn on a white noise machine or run something in the background the calms you like a fan, instrumental music, etc.
21. Lay in a hammock to rest, take a nap, read, or whatever you want
22. Put cold water on your wrists and/or on the back of your neck (try putting the cold water on a washcloth for a longer sensation)
23. Stretch! Do some yoga poses and just get your ligaments feeling more fluid
24. Practice mindfulness; there are a ton of ways to do this – you can get my free e-course on it here
25. Dance wherever you are, even if you’re sitting (bonus points if you’re naked)

26. Work on your own morning and bedtime rituals
27. Schedule mental health and half days so you don’t get too stressed out from your job
28. Make your own DIY calming glitter jar [tutorial]
29. Rub your feet over a golf ball or something similar in size
30. Write down everything that’s stressing you out (bonus points if you burn the paper afterwards)
31. Chew gum which will increase your cortisol levels
32. Take a nap with a cozy blanket, adorable pajamas, stuffed animal, a fan, music, noise machine – make it the most decadent nap ever
33. Garden in your backyard of guerrilla style, getting in touch with the earth can be very grounding (all puns intended)
34. Drink something warm like tea (extra relaxation tea tips: add honey, chamomile, and lavender)
35. Don’t stare at a screen for more than 45 minutes – set timers for you to get up and stretch and at least shift your focus for a bit
36. Go barefoot at home, at work, or outdoors; release your feet from Foot Jail
37. Rip up paper, squeeze a stress ball, burn worries you write down on paper
38. Cuddle with someone and/or give long and tight hugs
39. Try to be silent for a few hours; give yourself a specific time period and just go about your day without using your voice
40. Read quotes and self-help books that make you feel inspired and good about yourself (bonus points if you do it in the environment of a library or a bookstore)
41. Turn off the news and remove yourself from anything you know has a high probability of being extremely negative
42. Cry your eyes out and release the tension you’ve been building up
43. Lay out in the sun to soak up some Vitamin D (but be sure to wear sunscreen so you don’t burn!)
44. Walk slowly through a museum (bonus points if you can go at a time when you know not many people will be there so it feels like your own personalized experience)
45. Feed birds or ducks at a park or pond
46. Make a delicious cocktail, or have a skilled bartender make one for you
47. Dangle your feet off a ledge or into a body of water
48. Make a sanctuary area in your house; maybe a fort with twinkle lights, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, books, etc. where you can go to escape and reboot
49. Sometimes people prefer to play casino games as a relaxation, if you are one of them then here is a great place for such entertainment
50. Pop the shit out of some Bubble Wrap [ideas]


Want to start your own self-care kit which will help you out the next time you need to relax? Here are 35 ideas for things you can put in there!