9 Unique Ways To Stand Out When On A First Date With That Special Guy | Uncustomary

You’ve finally circled the day on your calendar when you have your first date with that special guy. You already have the perfect outfit picked out, you know where you’re going to go, and what you have planned for the day. Your stomach is in knots and you’re excited for that first evening you spend together with just the two of you. So what else is there left to do?

Surprise, surprise, there’s likely something you left out that you forgot to plan for. Here are nine ways to make your first date with that special guy stand out from the rest so that it will definitely be a night to remember.

1. Dress to Impress

Although many people prefer not to judge a book by it’s cover, what you’re presenting to your first date is very important. And that means having the right outfit. Choose an outfit that is impressive but not too revealing. You want to be able to leave your date with something to his imagination so he can fill in the blanks on his own.

Secondly, you should highlight your best features and hide the ones you’re not so fond of. Choose outfits that are flattering to the parts you want to show off as well as conceal those you don’t. There are plenty of styling tricks to help you out with your body insecurities.

Lastly, dress in outfits that you feel comfortable and confident wearing. Don’t resort to buying whatever’s in style today; if you’re not comfortable wearing that type of clothing, it’s going to show to everyone around you.

2. Do Something Fun

Going out for dinner or coffee is a nice and easy idea, but easy sometimes amounts to boring. If you really want your date to remember the night, plan an event that’s actually fun and entertaining. This also serves the purpose of breaking the ice since this will be the first time you’re spending a few hours together, so doing something fun will take away that awkwardness that usually comes with first dates. 

So where does that leave you? Go to an art museum. Take a trip to a carnival or park. If you get the feeling they like animals, volunteer at a shelter for a few hours taking the dogs for walks. Heck, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not head into a paintball arena? You’ll have more fun stories of your bruises to talk about than you would sitting across from each other with cups of coffee in front of you.

3. A Little Perfume Goes a Long Way

Smell is closely tied to memories, so it’s important that you smell good. Shower beforehand, if you have to. But for that extra pep in your step, just add a touch of perfume to your neck or wrist so that he’ll take notice. Warm scents like vanilla or woody scents like vetiver are perfect for first dates, according to https://www.fragranceandco.com/. However, you don’t want to go too heavy-handed on the spraying. Just a light hint of it on your person is enough. You don’t want your date to start gasping for air because your perfume is too strong.

4. Keep a Catalog of Questions in Mind

On your first date, you want to get to know something about this guy you’re meeting, so keep a set of questions to ask a guy in mind when you meet up. It will keep conversation flowing between the two of you and it will demonstrate that you actually have some interest in him as a person.

Don’t bombard him with your questions one after another, however. This will feel unnatural. Instead, let the conversation flow in whichever direction it wants to go after your question, and raise another one only when there’s a lull in conversation. You don’t have to meet a quota of getting all your question out before the night is over.

5. Give Him a Friendly Hug When You Meet

Get past that barrier of awkwardness and hug the guy on the first date. It can be a full hug or a fun side hug; no matter which one you choose, you’ll both feel a little more comfortable afterwards (if he’s comfortable with it). He’ll be just as nervous as you are, so help him ease the tension. Hugging him will also open the rest of the date for more touching, like holding hands or pressing your shoulder against the other.

6. Don’t Sit Across From Each Other

But only if there’s no other choice. If you do go out to eat, it’s better to sit next to each other. This is because sitting across from each other puts distance between you, making the situation more awkward. Instead, if you’re sitting next to each other, you’ll have more things to look at in the room and talk about. A good idea when there happens to be a lull in your conversation.

7. Flirt a Little

Dressing nicely and asking questions about him is a nice start, but without any flirting, it’s just going to feel like you’re having a conversation with a friend. That makes flirting very important so that he knows you have a romantic interest in him.

The first key to flirting it so smile. Smile warm and naturally; a forced smile is going to look too creepy. Secondly, don’t be afraid to touch him from time to time so that he knows you’re engaged with him and enjoy interacting with him. Thirdly, meet his gaze when he speaks. If you’re avoiding eye contact, it’s going to make him feel like you’re not interested.

8. Paying the Bill

If you’re out somewhere to eat, it doesn’t hurt to offer to pay the bill or at least to split it. However, don’t force the issue if he offers to pay for the whole thing; it can be nice to let someone do an act of kindness and pay the whole bill, but offering is nice, too.

9. End the Date on a High Note

The best way for your date to remember you is to end the date on the best possible note. That way, he’ll be craving a second date so that he can continue that good feeling he’s experiencing.

To achieve this, keep your date short and sweet so that you have enough time to put on the charm. Then, while the good times are still rolling, you’ll have to cut it short and leave him wanting more. You might want to stay, but that will only satisfy what he’s looking for and that’s not what you want.

Going on your first date doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking and full of awkward moments. Be self-confident and own each moment as they crop up. Just remember not to hog the spotlight all for yourself; give him the chance to be himself and to express himself every now and again so that the conversation feels like a mutual exchange. Then he’ll know that you’ll see him as an equal.