9 Amazing Tourist Attractions In Rome | Uncustomary

Italy hosts one of the most amazing cities in the world, with its ancient history there for all to see and its cultural influences making it such a fantastic place to visit, the problem is trying to work out what to see when you pay a visit.

You can get plenty of ideas from sites like The Intrepid Guide and inspire4travel when you decide to explore the world and when you come to the city of Rome, here are some suggestions for your itinerary.

You have to see the colosseum

Although Rome is absolutely bursting with incredible ancient sites and antiquities it is always a good idea to get a bit of a balance by varying your sightseeing experiences.

Having said that, you simply can’t ignore the iconic colosseum that really has to be seen to be believed and will leave a lasting impression on you.

The Vatican should also be on your list

Although you can expect to queue at most times to get inside the walls of the Vatican it is well worth the wait.

Step inside St Peter’s Basilica and admire the awe-inspiring beauty of Michelangelo’s famous work of art. The Sistine Chapel is another memorable highlight that has to be ticked off your list if you are heading to Rome.

Head for the historic center of Rome

The epicenter of the city offers an abundance of sights and sounds for tourists and the star attraction in the middle of Rome has to be the Trevi Fountain.

It is fun to simply spend time around the fountain and soak up the atmosphere that comes from every corner of the streets and lanes that are filled with things to do and places to eat.

One of the most impressive churches

As you might expect, Rome offers an abundance of stunning religious attractions to enjoy, and probably one of its most impressive and majestic offerings is the Santa Maria Maggiore.

This 5th-century architectural wonder is a must-see on your itinerary.

Enjoy a day in the park

If you spend some time in one of Rome’s largest parks, the Borghese Gardens, you won’t be disappointed.

The park plays host to two museums and the Villa Borghese holds an impressive art collection to enjoy.

Spend a day at the Capitoline Museums

Rome offers an abundance of historical artifacts to enjoy and a good venue to enjoy some of the finest exhibits would be the Capitoline Museums, which are two huge buildings found in the Piazza del Campidoglio.

Visit the monumental center of ancient Rome

When you visit the Roman Forum you get a real sense of history and an idea of the scale of the Roman Empire.

There are tours of the Roman Forum you can take, and these often include a visit to the Colosseum too.

Soak up the culture in Trastevere

If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy a traditional Italian evening of wining and dining you should head to the Trastavere area of the city.

There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and a vibrant atmosphere as the place comes alive each night.

If you are after some retail therapy

Rome boasts one of the finest and most elegant streets in Europe when it comes to sophisticated and fashionable shopping opportunities.

Via Condotti is where you will find all the designer brands and lots more besides.

Rome is one of the great cities of the world and these are some of the highlights that await you when you pay a visit.