Adding texture to your hair can oomph up your entire look. Who doesn’t love shiny and healthy-looking hair? This requires minimal effort, but while adding texture you only need to keep in mind the type of your hair.

Here are some sure-fire ways to add texture to your hair:

Use a hair serum for frizzy hair

We all battle untamed frizzy hair. But no worries! Even frizzy hair can use some texture. Finger serum for frizzy hair through your hair and blow dry the roots in the direction you want your hair to go; downwards, or angled etc.

Spray before you curl

This one’s for people with fine hair. Spraying before curling hair can add definition, grip, and texture, and makes your curls last longer. Flaunt those luscious curls freely without any worries!

Add texture to straight hair

Straight hair may sometimes look limp and flat. Here’s how you can achieve a richer texture:

  • Part your hair into sections with a tail comb
  • Spritz on sea salt spray all over; from roots to ends
  • Scrunch and blow dry
  • Blow dry with boar-bristle hairbrush
  • Add horizontal bends to your hair with a straightener
  • Fix and finish: finger through your hair gently to untangle and use a hairspray for grip

There you go! No more lifeless straight hair!

To add texture without heat, braid away

Braiding your hair is a saving grace for those who don’t want to use heating tools and are looking for an effortless way to style. Dampen your hair and braid it overnight to wake up with beachy waves. To finish off and add texture, spritz on a hairspray; sea salt sprays are popular for giving a shiny finish. Apply from root-to-tip and scrunch the product into your hair.

All-day-dedhead style

Braid your hair and use a straightener along your braid. Untie the braid and apply hairspray for grip and texture. You can say “I woke up like this” and no one will ever know!

Add layers

Next time you stop at your favorite salon, ask your hair expert to give you choppy layers for a natural, messy look. For the best scissors visit SakiShears.

Dry shampoo for more dimension

Dry shampooing your hair allows for more depth and texture. Choose the best dry shampoo according to your hair type, flip over your hair and spray generously. Let it dry without rubbing your hair for a naturally textured look.

Apply mousse on short hair

Whether you are rocking a bob or a pixie cut, a voluminous hair mousse can help you add more body to your hair. Before drying, generously apply the product and dry your hair on cold setting; it evenly distributes the product and gives more volume to your beautiful hair

We all deserve good-hair-days every day. Confidently walk in to work, flaunt them on a day out with friends, or go to a romantic dinner date without having to worry about the way you look. Plus, haircare counts as self-love; all the more reason to make it a part of your daily routine!