8 Summer 2019 Fashion Trends According To Belle Lily | Uncustomary

With the close of 2019 New York Fashion Week (NYFW) last week, the world can’t seem to stop talking about the striking outfits that dominated the runway. Designers pushed their buttons this year and we are going to see the evidence of their hard work in months to come. Though each designer brought in their distinct creativity to the runway, there are a few summer trends that just stood out. From tie-dye prints to oversized hats, these are the 8 summer fashion trends according to Belle Lily.

1. The explosion of the beige color

If you have a liking for beige, you are in for a treat come summer 2019. Belle Lily has made an observation and has concluded that a sea of beige is set to fill up the streets and beaches – something we’ve never experienced in the recent past. Designers are busy experimenting which was adequately evidenced at the NYFW.

2. Oversized hats

Forget about the Jacquemus La Bomba hats you saw making rounds on Instagram last year. This trend will go to a whole new level this year. Expect to lay your eyes on some of the biggest hats the world has ever seen. The sun has no place in the face on any fashionista this year, at least not when ladies will be all covered up with stylish and trendy oversized hats.

3. Tie – dye print

It is not uncommon to witness the re-emergence of a past fashion element. That’s just how the fashion industry works. Even with that understanding, we didn’t imagine tie-dye prints would come back with a bang in 2019. Turns out, this 60s print is coming out of the shadows this year except with a modern twist. Many women are already loving the idea of having a subtle tie-dye maxi beach dress with a few more going all out and purchasing a bold matching two-piece.

4. Top handle bags

Another fashion trend to look out for in summer 2019, according to Belle Lily, is the top handle bag. This was also quite huge during the just concluded NYFW. Come summer, more ladies will be holding on to their luxe and polished top handle bags everywhere they go.

5. Summer waterproofs

If summer 2018 weather patterns are anything to go by, we are in for unpredictable weather changes. Lucky for everyone, fashion designers have already gone ahead and taken care of things with the creation of a one-of-a-kind summer waterproof.

A jacket? Really? Yes, really. It is stylish, hot, colorful, and easy to blend with a bikini, knee-high boots, and sunglasses.

6. Shorts

During last year’s summer months, our feeds were constantly flooded with cycling shorts of all colors and prints. This year, designers are taking it a notch higher. Everyone from Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, and Jacquemus seem to peddle the idea of shorts for summer 2019. Look out for the slouchy green Bermudas or the tailored knee-length shorts by Prada as these are expected to take center stage.

7. Bow wow

Another summer fashion trend that will make a statement this summer is the bow. And, if New York Fashion week taught us anything, it is the fact that the bow is going to be more versatile than ever before. Why go traditional when you can throw one at the back of your dress and look like an angel? Or, make is supersized and adorn the front of your jacket at the shoulders and around the neck?

8. Fringing

Fringes also made a comeback in the NYFW. We are yet to see them in the upcoming fashion shows and most importantly, in our feeds as 2019 summer rolls around. If you are crazy about fringing, this year has a lot for you to smile about. Get a fringe jacket, skirt, handbag, and the heck, even your hair!

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